DJs Uncensored: Adventure Club

This year has changed everything for breakout dubstep collaborators, Christian Srigley and Leighton James as their success continues to grow in the world of electronic music.  Known to fans as Adventure Club, their hard dubstep sounds have brought them more than fame and success. It’s no surprise their first music video of the remix of “Everything to Me” by Lips received over 1.5 million views on leading dubstep music label’s UFK YouTube channel. AFM got the opportunity to discuss the new ventures of Adventure Club’s right-hand man, Leighton, before he rocked the house at packed house at Axis-Radius May 3.


AFM- So it all started in Montreal Quebec, obviously not noted as the center of electronic music culture, how did you get into the scene?

James- Not to brag but we get influences of music FIRST in Canada. We kind of just latched onto the scene there.


AFM- Definitely, since you were originally a punk rock band what’s with the switch to a completely different genre of EDM, more specifically dubstep?

James- We took all of our favorite bands (that were rock genre) and remixed them with EDM music. That’s where it all began.


AFM-So this year was your first Ultra Music Festival appearance. If you could sum up the experience in one word, what would it be?

James- Monumental. Words can’t even describe. An experience I never want to forget and would love to do again.


AFM- Obviously many artists get asked this question a lot but if you were to name one big influencer who would it be?

James- Definitely Bloody Beetroots he’s inspired me in a big way. We also constantly use SoundCloud to find new up and coming talent.


AFM- So with all the success at Ultra, and your singles released this year, what’s next for Adventure Club?

James- We have a new album that will be released this summer. It includes features from some of our favorite artists, like Krewella.


AFM- Can’t wait! What do you specifically like about playing in Arizona, since you played at Soundwave Music Festival and Axis Radius previously.

James- The Scottsdale music venue crowd has a lot of ease and doesn’t seem stuck up. They seem to just love the music. I also really enjoyed playing for SLE and have a great experience everytime


AFM- Random question, but gotta ask. What’s your favorite food to grab when you’re busy on tour or performing?

James- Oh that’s easy, Chipotle! Could eat it any day.

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