Expose: DJ Erra

The beautiful DJ ERRA

A lawyer by day and a DJ by night, Erra attracts dance lovers from all over to create a fun, energetic party that will be sure to keep you smiling and dancing all night long.

Aside from headlining at some of the most exclusive clubs in the country, Erra has performed along side some of the most prolific electronic deejays today including, but not limited to: Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Steve Aoki, Dirty South, Miss Nine, Nathan Scott, Dean Mason and Eddie Halliwell.

I caught up with DJ Erra before her set at The Mint on Wednesday November 7th to ask what her life is like as a female DJ, and how the hell she manages being lawyer and a DJ?

AMANDA: So you’re a lawyer by day and a DJ by night… How do you manage both careers?

DJ ERRA: It can be challenging but I think of Djing as my time to let loose from the stress of my day job. It doesn’t feel so much like a career because it’s fun and my passion! The late night and early morning combo is brutal at times but no one will ever look back in life saying, gosh I wish I slept more!

AMANDA: How long have you been DJing?

DJ ERRA: 3 years

AMANDA: Who are some of your musical influences? 

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DJ ERRA: They have transitioned over the years. I think my first real influence was Tiesto… The Tiesto before he was TIESTO! I was at his show at this run down club in LA when he was named the #1 DJ in the world for the first time. The night was absolutely magical. But today the scene is very different and has turned much more commercial. I would say Eric Prydz is my favorite producer. His music still has the ability to take you on a journey. The most fun DJ to see live is definitely Nicky Romero. Now that guy can start a party!

AMANDA: You’ve played with Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Eddie Halliwell and Paul Oakenfold to name a few… Who’s been your favorite to play with? 

DJ Erra: Well definitely Tiesto because his music had such an impact on me at an early age. Nervo is right up there though. I have played with them a couple of times and those girls bring some serious energy. The crowd loves them and they love the crowd. It creates this amazing energy that you feel as soon as you walk into the venue. That is what I live for!

AMANDA: Do you think female DJ’s have to work harder to be respected in an industry full of men? 

You can be sure you will dance your ass off and leave with a smile!” – DJ ERRA

DJ ERRA: I think it depends on what you are putting out there. If you are a female and are putting out quality music and quality sets, I don’t think there is a difference as far as respect goes. But the reverse is also true…

AMANDA: Why do you think there’s a lack of female DJs?

DJ ERRA: That is a tough question. I feel that there has always been a female presence in EDM; Sandra collins, DJ Rap, Sky Nellor to name a few. It definitely is a male dominated industry but it makes the females that are putting themselves out there all the more valuable and noticeable, or maybe it just boils down to… Girls love DJs 🙂 The motivation is right there

AMANDA: What’s next for DJ Erra?

DJ ERRA: I am taking this experience one day at a time. Its been an exciting couple of years so…no expectations. Just keep doing what I am doing.

AMANDA: What’s the best piece of advice you can give someone who wants to be a DJ?

DJ ERRA: Practice, practice, practice!

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