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Madison Rising, America’s most patriotic rock band, is proud to announce the launch of Madison Rising Shows For Heroes a 501(c)3 chartered organization that will assist in covering the costs associated with having Madison Rising perform at certain military bases, veteran organizations and first responder events beginning later this year.

Madison Rising, which has an especially strong following among military personnel, veterans and first responders, is often asked to do performances around the country by organizations that simply cannot afford to cover the costs associated with travel and production, even when the band would provide a steeply discounted performance. With the launch of Madison Rising Shows For Heroes, tax-deductible contributions from individual and corporate donors will allow Madison Rising to provide more live performances for the men and women who have given so much of themselves.

Madison Rising’s best-selling rock rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was released in the summer of 2012, and both the song and video have become huge hits, catapulting the band into the national spotlight and creating one of the most loyal fan bases in rock music history. “Awesome,” “deeply moving,” “chilling,” and “the best ever,” are just some of the superlatives used to describe Madison Rising’s rendition of the song that celebrates what being an American is all about. Throw in a few of their other songs like Soldiers of America, Walking Through That Door, Hero, Hallowed Ground and others, and it’s easy to see why the band has quickly become one of the most popular bands among our soldiers and military families. On top of it all, their live shows are not just concerts, they are cathartic moments that last a lifetime and help their fans regain a sense of pride in their country in ways nothing else can come close to doing. Most importantly, they leave the audience with a new energy, passion and a renewed spirit to help them believe in America once again.

Madison Rising, which has recently partnered up with Concerned Veterans for America as well as the Young Marines National Youth Organization is currently in the midst of an ambitious seventy-city tour. The band has already performed at numerous military, corporate and veteran events, NFL half time shows, the opening ceremony of the 2014 Special Olympics, at NASCAR, the 73rd Annual Motorcycle Rally at Sturgis, 2015 National Police Week on the West Lawn of the Capitol as well as other major venues, and has opened for rock legends Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steppenwolf, Kansas, Weezer, Slaughter, Toby Keith and others.

Madison Rising is on a mission to make great rock music and send a message that American culture is alive and well. Led by navy veteran and former 8404 FMF Corpsman, Dave Bray, the band promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility.

Visit to donate and read more about this amazing organization.

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