DJs Uncensored: Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera plays at Maya Day and Nightclub on Sunday, June 9. AFM spoke with Robbie about his upcoming show, making music, and rice and beans. Courtesy of Elizabeth Ninivaggi.

AFM: Besides Latin music, what other elements from your background have affected your music today?

Robbie: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico so Latin vibes are obviously play a major role on my tribal beats. I also listened to a lot of alternative bands when I was in college—Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica, for example. That’s why some of my tracks take on a more aggressive approach.

AFM: Your record label, Juicy Music, began after the kick-start of your music career. Was having a record label always in your plans as a producer?

Robie: Yes, I wanted to be a record producer and a record executive.  [Juicy Music] started because in the beginning record companies did not want to sign my music—so I had to do something to get my music out there and decided to create my own label.

AFM: You’ve performed in Scottsdale before at Axis Radius. What did you like about the crowd and do you enjoy playing in Scottsdale?

Robbie: Yes I have played at Axis as well as Wild Knight. The crowd is always energetic and wild, which is a good thing and I feed off that!


AFM: Your Juicy satellite radio show, which just aired recently in April again, has been a worldwide hit. Did you expect the show to expand globally?

Robbie: The show airs weekly on Sirius (Mondays at 3pm PST / 6pm EST) and other stations worldwide. It’s a great avenue for me to show my style to current fans and new fans. I did not expect for this show to be so popular so it makes me happy.

AFM: Your last single ‘We Live for the Music’ was a huge hit both on iTunes and Beatport. What is in store for you in the future?

Robbie: Thanks. That track was a big one for me but it was not my last single. I have released many tracks after that one. My next commercial single is called ‘Summer in July’ and it features the vocal talents of Kay (My Name is Kay).

AFM: If you could name one performance that was a monumental experience for you as a DJ, what would it be and why?

Robbie: I really enjoyed performing at the first Juicy New York event last summer at Governors Island. It had a great vibe and atmosphere, and the fans showed a lot of love. Juicy Beach in Miami during Winter Music Conference this year was also amazing.


AFM: If you could collaborate with one DJ/producer, who would you pick and why?

Robbie: I’ve collaborated with many producers and am currently working with Hot Mouth, Antoine Clamaran, Junior Sanchez & Marco V.

AFM: With your new collaboration, Dogs vs. Cats, with rising electro house star Hot Mouth what can we expect from you in the future?”

Robbie: I have collaboration with my long time friend, Antoine Clamaran called “Legends of the Drums” which comes out on June 17th on Juicy Music as well as my next commercial single called ‘Summer in July’ featuring the vocal talents of Kay (My Name is Kay) which comes out June 25th on Last Gang Records.

AFM: Because you grew up in Puerto Rico and you spend a lot of time in Miami, what is one Latin dish you could eat and never get sick of?

Robbie: Rice and beans

AFM-  When it comes to making music, are you an artist inspired by feelings and experimentation or a sound engineer who applies logic and principle?

Robbie: Feelings and experimentation—but you need to be an engineer as well so you can get that sound!

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