Backstage With… Lower Dens

Photo: Yassine el Mansouri

Catch Lower Dens live Tuesday, Feb. 25 at Valley Bar in support of their new album The Competition. Tickets here

Photo: Yassine el Mansouri

Name: Lower Dens

Instagram: @lowerdens

Hometown: Baltimore

If we could describe our sound in three words, they’d be… loud, synths, sunglasses.

Our favorite song we’ve released is… “Buster Keaton”

Our proudest achievement as artists is… making four great records.

If we could collaborate with any artist/group, it’d be… J Lin.

If we were an instrument, it’d be… Yamaha CS-80.

We’re inspired by… decades of life on earth.

At our upcoming show in Phoenix, fans can expect… drama! dancing! love!

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