What to Wear to the Phoenix Open by Chic & Disheveled

By Chic & Disheveled’s Jessica Hunter

With record breaking attendance of over a half million people, the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale was the place to see and be seen this week! I took to the greens to seek out the most stylish looks on the course and didn’t have to look too hard! Attendees were dressed to impress! Here are some of my favorite outfits, and a few helpful tips to avoid the ‘don’t’!!!


DO: A Sundress & sandals were a winning combination at this years open! For those ladies who cannot live without heels, wedges are a great way to add height without aerating the greens!




DO: Preppy cool was a DO in full force in the form of button ups, white pants, cable knits, chino shorts and bowties.


DO: The John Daly Crew


DO: Colorful socks are a great way to show off your personality!


DO: Maxi Dresses and Aviators are always chic and simple option!


DO: A little bit of everything here! Expressing personal style is a definite DO!


DO Sundress, sandals and a floppy hat, this girl is the definition of a DO!


DO These little greens-keepers are high on style! From Chucks to studded boots and prints to plaid, they have got golf style down!

Now, a few words of advice…


DO NOT wear high heels to the Phoenix Open, just don’t.


DO NOT forget your shirt!

narcisse champagne lounge

DO NOT forget there is a difference between lingerie inspired, and actual lingerie!

phoenix open party girl

DO NOT drink too much! Falling over drunk is not attractive no matter how cute your outfit looks!

Jessica is the Fashion Blogger behind Chic & Disheveled. You can find her on twitter @chicdisheveled and on Instagram at @chicdisheveled.

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