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Trend- Ripped Jeans

It is one of a hundred days of summer…sweltering, steamy and disturbingly the Bananarama tune “Cruel Summer” is playing in my head it’s as if I am stuck in my own 80’s MTV groundhog day… please make it stop! In fact, it’s not just me living the eighties these days, we have once again digressed into the ripped jeans phase. A stage of the 80’s that was fun while it lasted and then fun again in the 90’s when Kurt Cobain wailed out Smells Like Teen Spirit but blasted all…why couldn’t we keep that one locked securely in the vault?You see back in the day we wore the D.I.Y. version carefully soaked in bleach and razored to perfection.

Ashley Olsen pairs ripped jeans with couture hanbags

Ashley Olsen pairs ripped jeans with couture hanbags

These days celebs like Rhianna, Megan Fox and Ashley Olsen are doling out the big bucks to look like vagabonds.Of course, I have my sneaking suspicions that it all started when some underpaid and abused assistant ripped a starlets jeans to shreds just seconds prior to a paparazzi moment leaving the poor girl with nary a things to wear.In any case this is definitely a trend to skip if you went under the denim knife in either of the previous two decades. If not, and you are itching to try this trend, please for heaven sake mix carefully – and take heed to these little tips.

Rhianna dressing up ripped jeans

Rhianna dressing up ripped jeans

Dressing down raggedy denim is not pretty, you certainly want to avoid any fashion moment that can be confused with homelessness or an invitation to an 80’s costume party. So skip the flip- flops and pair your denim with dressy flats or strappy heels to balance out the look.

Banana Republic "Aisha" Gladiator Heels

Banana Republic "Aisha" Gladiator Heels

These Banana Republic high- heeled gladiators are sexy, chic and go with just about any thing.

For heaven’s sake never wear a ripped top with ripped jeans unless of course you are auditioning to be the next lead singer of a Motley Crew cover band.

J Crew Silk "Frances" Cami

J Crew Silk "Frances" Cami

I love this ruffled halter from J Crew and even better it’s under $100 and it will carry you through fall when mixed with a cardigan or leather jacket.

Again retro looking accessories (and the neon lip and nails craze) are best left to the middle school set,… trust me fashionista, we live in the digital age and you will never live down those facebook photo tags, instead look for accessories that blend a bit of rock edge with sophistication.

CC Skye Mesh Bracelet

CC Skye Mesh Bracelet

I heart this CC Skye wide mesh bracelet found on

And lastly if you just want to get your feet wet but don’t want to break the bank, these sweet unassuming pair from J Crew may be just the ticket!

J Crew Vintage Slim jeans with a worn- in wash.

J Crew Vintage Slim jeans with a worn- in wash.



  • Marie says:

    I love the first pic of Ashley Olsen, she looks effortless and so cute.

  • Angela Costello says:

    i will never pay for ripped jeans! it just seems so strange – i can rip them myself!

  • CGP says:

    I want to be Ashley Olsen- these jeans will bring me one step closer!

  • Trish says:

    Although ripped jeans are adorable, by the time I get around to them they’ll be out of style. I think I will be safer with that cute J Crew shirt–it will bring me to fall.

  • laura says:

    even though the fad may not last for long, i really like the ripped jeans look with sophisticated accessories and tops. the j-crew blouse above is perfect!

  • Casey says:

    wow – love that cuff!!

  • Zoe says:

    This is just one trend that I cannot embrace. It reminds me of the 6th grade–I had really cool (naturally) ripped jeans that everyone wanted.

  • Claire F. says:

    The fashion shown above to go with the ridiculous ripped jeans is fabulous. What’s with the tattered, battered look in jeans? Must we always go back to this???

  • Camilia says:

    THANK YOU for not embracing this trend, but for giving tips for the women who must. I will not be embracing this one.

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