Kimono Chic

By Chic & Disheveled’s Jessica Hunter

Photos by Chea Lamb


You often hear Phoenicians lamenting about their fashion woes when things begin to heat up, and its totally understandable! I too have suffered the fate of blistering heat outdoors only to then face arctic conditions indoors anywhere from office settings to grocery stores!

One of the best ways to battle these bi-polar weather conditions is layering, and this season there are some really great options to choose from! One of my all time faves is a kimono in lightweight material such as blended silk! Similar to a cardigan in the fall it adds extra warmth in a stylish way and with so many options to choose from there is surely something to suit every gal’s style!

I found these two kimonos at Forever 21 for under $30 and cannot get enough of them! When shopping, I suggest considering your spring color palette so you are able to throw it on at a moments notice regardless of what outfit you are wearing! Personally I keep a lightweight kimono in my work tote so I am always prepared for swinging temperatures!

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