5 Must-Have Summer Pieces

If you are like me, a shopaholic that is, the first step is admitting it but I always wonder what the second step is… hopefully not to stop shopping. Anyway back to what I was saying, more than likely you’ve worn just about every combination you can of your summer wardrobe and are itching for a mid-season trip to the mall… Here is the real kicker—summer hasn’t even started yet! Yup that’s right, summer doesn’t start for another 7 days, but as we Arizonians know there are only two types of weather: hot and less hot.

So really when you need to tell the person who takes care of the finances in the house that you are going shopping again you can tell them you are in fact shopping for an entirely new season. And here our fave picks for this summer.

A Sheer Printed Blouse

It’s hot outside there is not doubt about it, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off sleeves (and long ones at that) without being drenched or feel the need to pour an entire bottle of water on your head. Flowy, silky, sheer blouses are our top pick for this summer because they are sexy, cool, and can seamlessly fit into your fall/winter wardrobe. Our new go-to for these fantastic pieces is Fifteen-Twenty. I’m obsessed with both of these looks and can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Fancy Shorts

We have been hearing about and indeed wearing fancy and bold colored pants for months now. But we must now venture into a different territory—shorts. Alice + Olivia give us feminine, sunflower-print shorts and for the boldest color shorts try J.Crew (they have a multitude of colors to choose from).

The Sam Edelman

Yes, that’s right every woman needs a pair of Sam Edelman sandals… it doesn’t really matter which one; they are all great. But here are a couple of the ones we fancy.


There are a plethora of fabrics in which to choose a jumpsuit, but we insist on a silk one. BCBG’s Silk Fringe Romper is the coolest way to go, it has a racerback with keyhole and made of 100% silk.

A Cool Pair of Shades

Illesteva tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses at Net-A-Porter

Eyewear and sunwear have made a move into the style sphere. It seems likes nowadays everyone is sporting a cool pair of shades and even eyeglasses despite their coveted 20/20 vision!

By Kristianne Young

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