The Cuff: An Iconic Bracelet

Less is more—I would say that about sums up my personal style in three words. I love solids, neutrals, classic silhouettes, and dresses because it is an entire outfit in one piece. I would say the same goes for accessories. If I have a choice between an arm full of bangles or a pair of stud earrings—I go with the earrings. Now, although I do love the simple things I will admit that my wardrobe would only improve if I added a few more statement pieces.

Of course there are the leopard pumps, the neon clutch, and red coat, but I think to truly understand the statement piece we should look to Ms.Coco Chanel, an icon of both fashion and business, to teach us a thing or two about the statement piece or in her case—statement pieces.

Famous for her layers of pearl necklaces, as if that wasn’t statement enough, she was also a fan of the cuff bracelet. One of her signature pieces, she was often seen wearing not one but two cuffs—one on each arm.

To this day the emblematic double C conjures up the image of white enamel, assorted jewels, silver, gold and the Maltese Cross.

At Chanel

Designers at Chanel have not forsaken their namesake’s affinity for beautifully crafted jewelry. The fashion house’s Fall-Winter 2011 jewelry collection includes several cuff bracelets adorned in jewels reminiscent of the ones worn by Coco in the 1930’s with one starkly marked contrast—the bracelets are made of a black resin and not a white enamel, possibly an ode to her favorite color.

1. Kenneth Jay Lane $700, Net-A-Porter 2. Crystal Mosiac Bracelet $85, J. Crew 3. Starfish Cuff $198, Anthropologie
4. Moschitto Deigns Filigree Cuff $38, Nordstrom 5. Leather Charm Cuff $68, Juicy Couture

There are a myriad of styles to choose from, but don’t get overwhelmed, it’s as simple as choosing the one you like. Whether you are a minimalists like I am looking to venture out of your comfort zone, a fashionista who loves the glitz and shine, or a hardworking mom who wants to add a little glamor to her day to day outfit, there is a cuff that will represent your personal style.

Photo: La Mimi

Stack them, match them, mix them, wear them high, wear them low, wear one, wear two or three… whatever and however you choose just make sure to make a statement. For Coco it was strength and independence—for you it may be something else, but you never know maybe six decades from now someone will be writing a blog about how you wore the cuff bracelet.

By Kristianne Young

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