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Issue Release Party Wish List

So tonight is our Best Places to Live issue release party, I hope you’re all coming! And as I was rummaging through my closet this morning, I was quite mystified as to why none of the above items were in there! It’s a tricky thing finding the perfect work-to-night outfit. You can’t exactly sport a black slinky cocktail dress all day long, yet something a tad more dressed up than my gray slacks would be great too. So where the heck is my black leather skirt when I need it that I can throw on with a cute botton-down and chic bag? Oh, yeah, I don’t have one. Hmm…what about a fall floral-print dress like this darling Mulberry one with colors dark enough for daytime but bold enough for night? Yah, don’t have one of those either. And even though I want to dress for fall, it’s Arizona, it’s almost 100 degrees out so that puts tights, jackets and sweater accessorizing totally out of the question.


I spend so much of my day shopping for clothes, whether it be online or at the actual stores that sometimes I forget, I’m shopping for readers and haven’t picked up something new for me! I have this lovely black high-waisted satin pencil skirt with ruched sides that would’ve been perfect, I mean PERFECT, if the top it goes with wasn’t currently sitting in my dry cleaning bag.

So, to no avail. I ended up in my houndstooth dress, a gift from my friend Bree she picked up for me at Apricot Lane (which, P.S., is opening another boutique location at City North come November), my booties and my black Kooba bag with Pucci scarf attached for a little flair. And somehow, I’m still wishing I was in that gray Vera Wang silk taffeta dress, or the orange Stella McCartney number or….you get the point.

All clothing lusting aside, I hope to be seeing your fashionable selves tonight!


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