Beauty Buzz: Clinique Moisture Surge

Last week was my media visit to bliss spa at the W Scottsdale (yay!) and I had their infamous triple oxygen facial. I’m not one to usually have sensitive skin, but I did have to deal with my face peeling and didn’t know what to do. I was sent this jar of Clinique Moisture Surge awhile back and turned to it and, let’s just say this stuff was a complete lifesaver! It’s super supermoisturizing, lightweight and not greasy at all! I could slather it on a few times a day, under or over makeup and nobody could tell. And it delivered just enough moisture to feed my flaking skin.  The jar even says “extended thirst relief” which is exactly what I needed. And, now that a few days has gone by and my skin has settled a bit, the facial left my skin lot’s clearer and smoother so I didn’t even have to put on face makeup today, just a tad of the Clinique Moisture Surge of course.

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