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I just got back from a lovely weekend in California with some of my favorite ladies, and though I had the usual issues when packing: What am I going to wear? What shoes will I need? Should I take my running shoes? (I did not… this is vacation not boot camp), I also had a new problem… What do I take to sleep and lounge in? You see, this time around I wasn’t going to stay at a hotel in the privacy of my own room, no, I was staying in the home of my good friend and her family.

If your PJs look anything like mine, old high school and college tees and a random assortment of bottoms I’ve owned for 3 plus years, then you can understand my dilemma. Not to mention, what is appropriate to lounge around in in someone else’s house? Of course they also have to be cute. So, whether you are in a similar situation, will be, or just want a good reason to buy a new pair of PJs here is your ultimate PJ and loungewear shopping guide!

Gap, $29.95

I just love the idea of wearing a man’s shirt to bed. The feeling of wearing your beau’s shirt is not only sexy it can be comforting. However, sometimes it is not ideal: perhaps it’s just not the right fit (we tend to need a little more room in the chest than they do) or maybe there isn’t a clean one on hand. Gap’s ‘Lovebirds’ nightshirt gives you all of the same benefits with all of the right fit. If you are lounging about, slip on a pair leggings.



For something more novel and fun check out Juicy Couture’s amazing assortment of sleepwear. Rompers and shorts are the perfect go-to for a vackay with gals! We must warn you that a pair of these cute PJs may come up missing at the end of the weekend so keep in an eye on your suitcase.

Lululemon, $42

A piece of sleepwear you may not consider when packing is the “sleep bra.” Many a woman has attempted wearing the dreaded sports bra to bed only to be so uncomfortable the only option is to take it off, but that may not always be an option. I always recommend a yoga bra. Made to move with your body, keep you cool while holding your favorite poses it also provides just the right amount of lift and level of comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Nordstrom, $15

While leggings could easily be in a category all their own, we are going to add socks here. Being as I was next to the ocean, the evenings were a bit cooler than I was used to or comfortable with and I had to borrow a pair of socks. This of course taught me a lesson: bring socks even when you don’t think you will need them. If you are feeling fun and flirty, Kate Spade has these cute floral knee-highs (perfect with shorts or a romper).

La Perla, $524

Though not entirely appropriate for a weekend with the gals and especially not the gals and their family, this Blair Waldorf-esque La Perla ‘Donna Lucia’ babydoll set is not only adorable it is sexy and sophisticated. Going to bed in a sexy look can boost your confidence and make you feel great about your body.

By Kristianne Young

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