What to Wear to Barrett-Jackson

One of the cooler things about living in the Valley is all the awesome events we have right after the New Year. There’s all the car auctions (Barrett-Jackson, Russo and Steele); the Fiesta Bowl; The FBR Phoenix Open, and the best part is the weather is absolutely spectacular.

What I never get, however, is why it’s also the time of year, or the events per say, that have women gallivanting about in outfits that clearly show they have A.) No idea where they are at and B.) Clearly do not belong there.

I live and breathe fashion, this is as true as the sky is blue but that doesn’t mean stiletto’s and little black dresses should ever be worn on the green. (That’s the grass ladies.)

So since the Fleur’t Barrett-Jackson fashion show was last night and the Gala the evening before, unless you’re partying at the Stone Rose Lounge at the Garage this weekend, you should not be looking like this:


So here, a few tips on looking cute and event appropriate. That’s right, you can look superchic, stylish and event appropriate without being so wrecktastic.


There is dirt EVERYWHERE.  I mean everywhere. Dirt and gravel and lots of rocks. So do not take this with a grain of salt when I say leave the Louboutins at home. That doesn’t mean you have to wear sneakers, God knows my only pair is reserved for the gym. Instead, try a pair of flat riding boots like this Marc by Marc Jacobs pair below. Wear it with a skinny jean or casual dress as shown.



On the off-chance it’s not too chilly, opt for some spring shorts. These Bamford city shorts are a great length and comfy too.



Yup, I still say you can sport a casual dress. The flat boots and tights soften up the look and again, leave the heels behind.



If you absolutely positively must wear heels, go for a wedge and pair with denim like this look below.



Whether with jeans, pants or a casual dress, a nice pair of black flats are a definite “Do.”


Whatever you wear, don’t forget a Cardigan! It’s breezy outside and the a/c’s running inside so you’ll definitely not want to leave home without it.

Enjoy the events!

  1. In supporting my husband’s love of golf, I will spend the weekend at the FBR open. I only hope it does not rain. I am more of a casual gal; jeans are my thing but love, love, love to accessorize. I love the look of jeans with wedges. So cute and prefect for the event. Thanks Marlene, you always have great advice.

  2. HA! I made a big mistake of wearing heels–not even very high heels–to FBR a few years ago. Bad news bears. They got very dirty and spiked holes in the ground with every step.

  3. LOVE flat boots (especially the chinese laundry ones you blogged about before Christmas) – – perfect for events when you are going to be on your feet……

  4. NOTE TO SELF – don’t wear uncomfortable shoes to any barrett-jackson event… you have to walk SO FAR just to get through to the events and then all the way back afterwards

  5. Thank you for being the voice of reason for this event season. All too often do we see women at the FBR dressed like the Paris Hilton pic above. Follow these instructions people!

    As a side note- I really like the idea of sporting some riding boots to the tournament, they’ll keep your toes toasty and prevent you from slipping down those stadium mounds at TPC.

  6. Oh I love all these looks, it’s so helpful! PS In a future post I’d love to see more examples of wedges that are in for spring. Thanks Marlene!

  7. Sorry, was that Louboutin commented pointed in my general direction or am I just paranoid!? We totally rock the tottering in the dirt look. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..

  8. I agree!! you dont need to get all decked out for a Golf Open!! I can’t wait to see all of the ladies that dont understand that!! viva la people watch!

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