Turn Your Old Clothes Into Cash

This weekend I had the pleasure of having brunch with several local fashionistas in downtown Phoenix. As we sipped our French press coffee (of which I had too many cups) and ate our yummy veggie friendly sandwiches, I realized that several of the girls around the table were close to the same size as me. So, I offered up that I had a Vince Camuto skirt sitting in my closet that I have never worn and if any of them would like to take it off my hands. For such lovely ladies, giving away a fairly pricey skirt is no big deal and in fact is a pleasure. However, there are still several things sitting in my closet that I could get rid of… You know the, shirt you thought you loved until you got home and felt differently, but are too lazy to return, or the infamous pair of weight-loss jeans (the pair that is two sizes too small that is supposed to inspire you to exercise more). If like me, you have clothes you’ll never wear sitting in your closet why not make a little extra cash getting rid of them?


Fashionista has compiled a list of websites that makes the process easy and fun!

Hello Lamode
How it works: Buy and sell gently used luxury items in a community-like setting. The site’s inventory is carefully curated so they won’t accept everything, but it’s also meticulously checked for authenticity so you don’t have to worry about ending up with a fake. The site acts as a third party and the buyer isn’t charged until the item is certified and shipped.


How it works: You can upload a pic of the item you want to sell with the click of a button through the Threadflip app (or on your computer), fill in a simple form and bam!your designer or vintage item is listed in an easy-to-use, boutique-like setting. When a buyer purchases an item, Threadflip emails the seller a prepaid USPS shipping label. Once the buyer receives the item, the seller’s account is credited after a five day satisfaction period. The seller can cash out the money or use the funds towards future purchases on Threadflip.

How it works: This buzzy site, which raised $5M from Google Ventures last year, features cast-offs from bloggers and stylists like Brad Goreski. There’s also a social discovery angle. To list, you just pay a 3.5% transaction fee. You can sell just about anything that falls under the clothing/accessories/jewelry categories.

These are just a few of the websites read more about these and other sites here.

By Kristianne Young

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