Party Season Style Guide

With Halloween just around the corner the party season is in full swing and the event invites are surely rolling in and in droves: costume parties, holiday parties, fall fashion events, charity soirees, the office party…. and of course the Polo Party happening next month. So with a fully booked party schedule you may start to feel a little overwhelmed by the fact that you now have to choose what to wear to each of these events.

So in order to help you avoid the “staring at a closet full of nothing” meltdown we have created a fall party wardrobe guide to help you get started.

The LBD is probably the most worn garment in any woman’s wardrobe—it’s safe, it matches everything, you can dress it up, you can dress it down, and it makes you look slim. And though these are all wonderful, the LBD can easily be dull. So why am I proposing this be your go-to piece for fall fashion events and holiday parties? Well, that’s because I’m suggesting that you mix it up a little. Choose a dress that has interesting details like this combination of an open back, pleats, and puffed shoulders. More importantly, accessorize well. Choose bold pieces that make a strong and powerful statement, the goal is to look classy and intentional, but still festive by choosing accessories with shiny but not necessarily glittery embellishments.

The holidays always sparks charity, as it should, so you my find that you have been invited to at least one charity ball or gala this season. Generally these are black-tie affairs, which should cause excitement over the opportunity to find the evening gown of your dreams…because honestly how often do you get to wear one? As we’ve mentioned in several of our blogs jewel tones are a popular trend this year and this is a perfect time to indulge. Choosing a saturated jewel toned dress like this Oscar de la Renta gown will not only look gorgeous and make everyone jealous, but it will also help you stand out from the sea of red, black, silver, and navy dresses everyone else will most likely be wearing (unless of course they read this blog too). Pair with a simple demure colored snakeskin clutch and classic drop-earrings as the dress should be the focal point.

Depending on where you work the office Christmas party may not be your idea of a good time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good. Over the years I think that these parties have tended to get more and more casual, so I suggest a fun sparkly top, black skinny pants or jeans, and a black bootie. Simple but still lots of fun and you’ll be comfortable after eating sugar cookies and drinking your fair share of eggnog. Plus if the party does happen to be a downer you still look dressy enough for a night on the town.

Halloween is soon approaching and so are the costume parties. If you are not the type to spend a ton of money on a costume that you’ll only be wearing once or maybe you are just not interested in being the 10th person at the party to dress up as Lady Gaga here is a sneaky way to “dress up” as not to offend your host/hostess. Perhaps you have heard of the newest TV Show to sweep the nation—Pan Am a drama about the glamorous world of pilots and flight attendants in the 1960’s. A printed and pleated dress with a skinny belt, a cape, a pair of ladylike gloves, and of course classic pumps will accomplish the Pan Am look… and you’ll no doubt get plenty of wear out of these pieces separately after the party.

By Kristianne Young

Fashions found at Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Net-A-Porter

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