Packing Light and Looking good!

I went to see one of my wonderful clients yesterday. Being in a creative industry she has amazing taste never fails to pull everything together in the perfect way. Her super busy life of jetting the globs and running a very successful business doesn’t leave her much time to shop and pack for her many events in Scottsdale so she often hires a stylist to put together outfits for her excursions. The results are never short of spectacular but the legions of luggage she totes is enough to make Arnold Schwarzenegger grimace in pain.

I for one have spent an insane amount of years dragging my hair and makeup kits around on a daily basis so in my latter years I abhor carrying anything weighty when it comes to pleasure trips. I’ve learned how to pack like a pro with one roll-on suitcase or a good weekend bag. And with all the extra baggage charges and long lines to retrieve your goods who wants to carry any more than absolutely necessary?

First make a list of only those things you absolutely need…. If you find yourself asking, what about this and should I wear that? Skip it! Unless you are going to a special occasion like a wedding or other formal event stick to packing basics along with a few fun accessories.
The go anywhere, do anything essentials include, a little black dress, one additional dress or skirt, a great pair of pants, a perfect fitting pair of jeans, two fitted tee’s, a crisp button up, one dressy blouse, two great fitting cardigans, a fitted jacket. With these eleven pieces you can create a weeks worth of looks and don’t let the description fool you…it doesn’t have to be boring.

I love this head to toe outfit from Banana Republic, it’s the perfect see- the- sights outfit for just about anywhere. Jacket, tee, jeans and scarf all in one place.

Or this great slouchy cardigan and skirt from J Crew that look breezy and carefree for warm weather destinations.

Or this BCBG blouse at

Throw in a pair of heels, a pair of flats like these from Kate Spade below and a hip tennis or walking shoe and you will be set. Pack light when it comes to undergarments and wash them out as you go. Bring a jewelry roll or bag to keep all your accessories compact. Try a few pairs of hoops or chandeliers, an oversize ring, a stack of bangles or just one giant one like this Penny Levi one below from and two necklaces, that way the mix and match combos are endless but won’t take up too much space.

Don’t forget little things like a belt or two, and a versatile scarf that you can wrap a dozen different ways. Throw a basic clutch into your suitcase for evenings out. I love this blue croc clutch from Symthson at

And the best way to get it all in one bag it to not let any space go unused. Rolling at least some of your garments (if not all) and folding neatly always helps save space, tuck belts and scarves around outer edges and stuff undergarments, socks or other accessories into shoes to maximize space.

Carry one small bag with powder and pencil cosmetics in your handbag and the rest in the approved Ziploc so that you don’t have to have an extra carry on.

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