Memorial Day Weekend Packing Essentials

Last week I was bad. I was invited to a daytime pool party that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make. In fact, it would’ve been a complete surprise since to be honest, I just don’t go to pool parties. I’m not really a fan of outside. Especially in Arizona.

At any rate, I was definitely bad and just “in case” I should have a change of heart I went out and spent an inordinate amount of money on a new bikini. I don’t know why. I’ll probably never even wear it unless it’s a night. I mean, it’s amazing but still, not sure what I was thinking.

Why the confession? Well, aside from the guilt, it just goes to show you how it helps to just plan things. If you’re going to splurge, at least go to the event. Or if you’re going make sure you have the right things with you! So with that in mind I figured for all of you going away this weekend it’d be best to have a list and make sure you have in handy everything you need. Here’s your Memorial Day Weekend packing essentials.


You’ll definitely need a cute bikini. This Milly yellow ruffled one is super girly. It also comes in a peach and teal color too. $96.


The cool thing about swimwear right now is that if you’re not into bikinis, there’s tons of cute one-pieces out. This Rosa Cha one-piece is definitely sexy. $395. Neiman Marcus.


Or if you’re looking for something with still a bit more coverage, this Red Carter tuxedo swimsuit might be an option too. $340. Neiman Marcus.


Speaking of covering up, I’m obsessed with this Michael Kors caftan. A really really super cute coverup option. Net-a-porter.


I could pretty much do a whole post on cute coverups. In fact, maybe I will. Here’s a long option from Diane von Furstenberg. $339 on sale.


You’ve got a swimsuit and a coverup, now it’s time to pick some sandals. These Tod’s jelly sandals are quite cute. I’m still feeling the jelly sandal trend. $175. Neiman Marcus.


These gold metallic Beverly Feldman flat sandals are a fun pick too. A metallic gold option, or a clear jelly like the one above, will match with just about anything you bring. $230. Neiman Marcus.


People always forget towels. Sure there might be a plain white one at the hotel or place you’re staying, but this Diane von Furstenberg one is so much more fun. It’s bright and perky and definitely puts you in a beachy mindset. $120.


You’ll also need a cute day dress, one that can go to night too like this red T-bags dress (also comes in black) is a fab find. $212.

  1. I splurged on a cute bathing suit coverup a few years ago and I’m so glad I did. I wear it all the time during the summer and I love that it have a constant smell of sunblock–not matter how many times I wash it. Coverups are essentials vacay items!

  2. I always think cut out one piece bathing suits like the black one above look so glamorous, but what about the scary tan lines?!?!

  3. It has been years since I have gone out and purchased a bathing suit, more so because I’m a beach kind of gal and well, we’re landlocked. Maybe I will treat myself this year in hopes of hitting the waves.

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