Humidity-Proof Your Hair

So many people are ecstatic right now for the overcast rainy day. I know because I see the excitable status updates all over my Facebook. But  I am definitely not one of them. Not because I particularly hate a cloudy day, it is a nice break from that 10-day streak of 100 degrees we just had. But it’s the rain. And the humidity that comes with it. I am NOT a fan. 

You see, I am a true desert dweller. Pretty much a Valley native so having to worry about what to wear and how to control the Hot Mess that becomes my hair is not what I signed up for! And I know at least half a dozen other women right now equally freaking out because frizz, waves and a big poofy mess is threatening to overtake what was once nice hair.


Want to humidity-proof your hair on days like this? Me too.  Here’s some tips and tricks that’ll hopefully help tame a hot hair mess. 

If you have:

Naturally curly hair

If you have naturally curly hair, the key here is to avoid your curls becoming a big frizzy mess. Tame those tresses with a smoothing conditioner in the shower, then follow with an anti-frizz serum while your hair is still wet. Personally I like the John Frieda’s Frizz Ease line of  anti-frizz serums and products. On a super humid day, you may want to load up on products and combine a serum, gel and hair spray for good hold. If possible let your curls air dry and try to avoid touching your locks, that will actually create frizz. 

Naturally wavy hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, don’t fight it, it’ll pretty much always win over what you want. I have naturally wavy hair and I definitely try to fight it as soon as it gets humid. But it’s pointless, I always end up with a mess and really don’t know why I even bother to try. Professional stylists always suggest embracing your hair’s natural tendencies. The problem with wavy hair in the humidity is instead of getting bouncy, flirty curls it tends to get frizzy and flat. Not cute. Use a conditioner specific to wavy hair in the shower and then dab your hair dry with a towel. If you rub it that’ll encourage frizz. If you can, try to not brush your hair out and separate with your fingers instead. Twirl the not-so-wavy pieces around your fingers to create waves and use a finishing cream to tame flyaways and frizz. 

Fine & straight hair

Aaaah, the hair I always wish I had (or try to achieve) whenever it’s rainy out. But of course, we always think it’s greener on the other side. If you have fine, straight hair the humidity can make it pretty lifeless and limp. I have pretty fine hair, so for added volume I’ve learned to not overcondition your hair. In fact, your hair may not even need conditioner. If you think you must just condition at the ends and avoid the roots so the conditioner doesn’t weigh down your roots and try a volumizing shampoo. Use a thickening product and root lifter spray for some added volume. Dry your hair immediately so it doesn’t flatten while air-drying and aim your dryer at the roots for volume. Finish with some hair spray to lock in your look.


  1. I have super straight super fine hair and it sucks. When it’s humid out it looks like a helmet on my head it’s so flat. Yuck yuck yuck.

  2. Humidity is death to my hair. On my honeymoon in Hawaii (we didn’t know until we got there that we visted during THE MOST humid month), I had slicked my hair back into a bun the entire time. Thanks for these tips–maybe I can avoid a hair meltdown next time.

  3. For women with straight hair – be careful about not using conditioner if you apply any heat to your hair! I used to not use conditioner every day because it made my hair limp. I ended up really damaging my hair! I suggest using a light conditioner just on your ends, or a leave in conditioner. Thickening product, root pump and Big Sexy hairspray are my saviors!

  4. HELP I live in Florida when its humid (ALWAYS) my hair looks wet! it is very fine…ive tried baby powder ect, but it always looks wet or greasy…any tips?

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