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Fashion Scrapbooking

In the journey to building your perfect (or at least seasonally perfect) wardrobe one often stumbles down the path of impulse buys and “what the heck was I thinking purchases” I for one am trying to cut down on the rocky bumps and make better choices so part two of my- little- closet- that -could tutorial is all about finding/developing/solidifying your personal style. Don’t get me wrong I am all about playing with the season’s trends and channeling all means of eclecticism so in no way shape or form am I saying that you need to be forever married to turtlenecks, boot cut jeans or ruffled blouses for eternity instead, this little exercise can help you to hone in on those go to pieces that flatter and play up your assets every time.

Fashion Scrapbooking
Fashion Scrapbooking
Your Personal Style Scrapbook – I was first introduced to this “project” when I was a freshman in high school, at that point I was already developing my own look and this certainly helped me to define my favorite things. You may have seen this time and again in fashion advice books and thought it silly but I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Save this for an evening or weekend when you have the time to do some brief fashion soul searching and playing around in a pile of fashion magazines.

SJP as Carrie Bradshaw
SJP as Carrie Bradshaw

Step 1 Who are you? Make a list of words that describe your current personal style and a separate list of words that describe the image you want to project: are you a risk taker, a siren, a bohemian babe, a power dresser? If you are on target the words will match up, if not even better that means that you have a deliciously good reason to revamp! Also make a list of your favorite colors and a wish list of accessories and individual pieces from your closet inventory.

Step 2 – Tear out any ads, fashion editorials, celebrity photos that you love and that relate to your list. Buy a three ring binder and clear plastic sheets to put your magazine tears into. Organize your images into specific categories that depict a) list of “what to buys” from your closet deficit b) favorite colors c) favorite accessories d) favorite ensembles

Paris Hilton Shopping
Paris Hilton Shopping

Once you have your scrapbook completed it’s time to go boutique hopping! Remember stick to your plan! Take your budget and pocket notebook or scrapbook with you to refer to. Even though we all love to shop with the girls from time to time the only way to ensure that you can focus on your specific needs is to go solo but if you have an entourage in tow don’t let them mess with your mojo- stick to your system. A few things to remember – even though red carpet moments don’t happen 24/7 that’s no excuse for a bad back view…check your three way reflection always! And most importantly buy for the bod you’ve got… NOT..(I repeat)..NOT the one you think you are going to have after a 10 day detox, you can always have clothes tailored later if need be.

Lastly buy the best quality you can afford, most often the fabric and construction lend a better fit, check zippers, hems, stitching and lining if it looks flimsy and haphazard skip it even if it seems like a bargain.

  1. Have been doing this for a while…time to just get out there with all these loose pages and shop for fall!
    Thanks Diane. Love checking in for your ideas and advice!

  2. These are great idea. I always tear out magazine ads or pictures that pique my interest…fashion related or otherwise.

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