How to Get Ready in the Morning Faster With 5 Easy Tips

Go ahead, hit the snooze button. These five easy tips will streamline your beauty routine and help you get ready in the morning faster.

how to get ready in the morning faster

1. Dry Shampoo
Don’t have time to do your hair in the morning? Dry shampoo will absorb and hide all signs of oil, dirt and odor on less-than-clean hair. Look for a powdery spray that adds volume to give the illusion that you just got a voluminous blowout.

2. Night-Before Hair
If you know you’ll be pressed for time in the morning, try washing or styling your hair the night before for minimal primping time come morning.

3. Get Dressed Last
The last thing you want to deal with when you need to get out the door is getting a toothpaste or makeup smudge on clean clothes. Either pick out what you’re going to wear the night before or plan out what you’re going to wear while you brush your teeth to simultaneously save time and your clothes from pesky stains.

how to get ready in the morning faster

4. Pouch It
Grab a spacious pouch to stash your beauty essentials that can easily fit inside your day bag. That way, you don’t have to rummage around for what you’re looking for and can completely avoid forgetting anything at home!

5. Convert Your Shower Into a Clothes Steamer
Steam emitted from a hot shower makes for a great alternative clothes steamer. Simply hang any wrinkly clothing in your bathroom while you shower and watch as each crease and pleat flattens by the time you’re done.

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