7 Easy Steps to Cleaning your Closet!

As noted yesterday, the first week of the New Year often brings with it resolutions, goal setting and the need to streamline or redefine what is most important to you.
Though it’s something that most of us hate to do, cleaning out ones closet brings with it a renewed sense of freedom from having less clutter and definitely less stress in the a.m. when you know where everything is. So, if you have been putting off this pesky task, here are 7 easy steps to purging that over stuffed closet and get the job done quickly.

What you will need: A long afternoon or evening!
Trash Bags
Boxes & Storage Bins
Markers or Stickers
(Music is a good thing to have as well)

Step 1: Take everything out of your closet and lay it on the bed or a clean floor. Arrange into sections ie: tops, bottoms, coats, dresses, scarves, handbags, shoes etc

Step 2: Once you have taken everything out of the closet, take this opportunity to vacuum the inside and the corners and clean or dust out any nooks or shelves that may have been neglected for awhile.

Step 3: Label 1 box or storage bin for items to be repaired, another with items to donate and have a garbage bag ready for items that need to be tossed. Start sorting through the first pile of clothes, determine which items you wear regularly and are in good shape with no need for repairs, these will go into the keep pile which can be put into a bin or a separate section on the bed or floor. Repeat this step with each pile until everything fits into a category of either “toss”, “keep”, “repair” or “donate”.

Step 4: Any items that are in need of repair put into their own bin, and make it a priority to take these to the tailor, dry cleaner etc within 3-5 days. Most often if you stash these back into the closet without attending to them immediately they will never get done!

Step 5: Items put into the donate pile should be in good “gently used” and clean condition ready to be given to the charity of your choice. If possible, try to drop these off asap to ensure that they don’t pile up in a corner of the closet or room and thus defeating the purpose. If you are having trouble deciding what to donate and what to toss ask yourself if it is in good enough condition for someone in need to purchase and wear without stains, holes, missing buttons etc. If not and if you have not worn an item in at least a year then it may be time to toss. Still can’t decide, try it on…. Does it fit properly, is it in style… are you so excited that you want to wear it tomorrow? If the answer to any of these questions is no… then do yourself a favor and toss it!

Step 6: Once you have finalized your keep pile, be sure to arrange all your garments so that they face in the same direction properly hung on good felted, wooden or hard plastic hangers. If you are still using thin wire hangers from the dry cleaner switch over and invest in some decent hangers to prolong the life of your wardrobe. Arrange your garments in a manner that is the most efficient such as pairing like items together ie: pants, blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets etc. And if you have time try to color code your items as well from lightest to darkest in each section or follow a rainbow method, white, tan, yellow, green, blue, orange, red, purple, brown, gray, black etc

Step 7: Once you have finished take your “toss” pile straight out to the garbage and get rid of it, not only will this make your closet less cluttered and a more pleasant place to be in the morning, but it will keep you from the temptation of taking back something that you never wear anymore.

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