5 Tips For Packing Lighter

In the next few weeks I’ll be doing a lot of traveling, and as I begin packing for my first trip (a short vacation in California), I can’t help but feel like I’m over packing. Of course this only brings on a minor panic when I realize that soon I’ll be taking a much longer trip half way across the world (India to be exact)… How will I manage to fit 5 weeks of clothes into one suitcase when I can barely fit one week into two?

Okay, I’ll stop babbling on about my problems and get to the solution—a solution that will not just help me minimize my luggage bulk, but perhaps help you do the same. Here are my 5 tips and items that will work double duty, take up less space, help to keep your suitcase organized, or just make traveling a bit more tolerable this summer.

Clothing Organizers are a must for any trip, long or short. As women, we want options, which means more clothes than some might think necessary. Organizers like this Shirt Pack allows you to fold up to eight shirts, pant or skirts neatly, securely, and wrinkle free while saving tons of space!

Have several layovers or perhaps just don’t have time to stop and freshen up when you arrive at your destination? Then you must stock up on one of seven (or even all of seven cause they are so amazing) multifunctional aromatic sprays by Intelligent Nutrients. You can spray all over body as a deodorizer, spray in hair for extra shine, and even use on tissue and breath in for sinus relief and a quick de-stress.

Need to take your sunhat with you but not sure how to pack your favorite floppy without ruining it? Start by filling the hat with socks, your swimsuit or any other clothing item you don’t mind getting wrinkled. Then place the hat right side up (or upside down will work too) in your suitcase and fill the space around it with clothes. If you pack tight enough, without squashing the hat, it should make it just fine to your destination.

Invest in shoe bags. Being able to pack your shoes alongside your clothes will prevent the dreaded extra “shoe” suitcase. Plus your shoes will stay nice and clean. At Tumi.

Get a DKNY Cozy. Now, I know this this quite specific. Why not just any wrap? Well, because you’ll love the feel of luxury cashmere on your skin when you’ve had enough of the cold recycled plane air, or you realize you forgot a sweater, or because you can literally wear it a minimum of 18 different ways. Pack two, and you don’t even need to pack any other top—talk about light packing!

By Kristianne Young

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