5 Summer to Fall Wardrobe Pieces

Living in a state where seasonal weather change is not as drastic as lets say Massachusetts, there really is no rush to stock up on all the necessary fall wardrobe pieces. With temperatures above 110 degrees for the past week or so it doesn’t seem that you’ll need that red Burberry coat any time soon.

So as true lovers of fashion, and most would agree that fall has the best options of any season, how can we participate in this most fashionable season.

Here are 5 Arizona-weather friendly pieces to help you transition your summer wardrobe into fall.

Nothing says fall like tights, but it is probably not conventional or safe in 110-degree weather for that matter to be wearing the thick, opaque black tights that seem to have become a fall staple over the past few years. However, thanks to designers like Marc Jacobs, sheer tights have become a must-have fall trend this year. It may still be too hot to wear them out in the day, but is a markedly fall option for an evening out.

There are three main reasons to purchase a lightweight scarf: they are timeless, there are a myriad of ways to style them, and if it’s too hot to wear around your neck you can tie it around your waste as a belt or tie it around a ponytail. Investing in a beautiful silk scarf will guarantee you years of wear.

A jersey or jersey-blend cardigan is a must-have transition piece because it is lightweight enough to not only keep you warm in those frigid air conditioned rooms, but it is also a great layering piece for cooler weather.

One of the best parts about fall is being able to wear sexy leather booties, but it may seem a little silly to wear a pair in a state where we don’t have to worry about hordes of rain or snow. It may be the 15th day with temperatures reaching above 110 degrees, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t get to participate in this favorite fall trend. Steer clear of solid black and go with a lighter colored pair of peep-toe ankle boots–both season and weather appropriate.

A sheer blouse is a great way to transition from a warm summer to a cooler fall. The sheer and extremely lightweight fabric allows for a cool alternative to the classic button-up or silk blouse while still being feminine and refined.

By Kristianne Young

At Nordstrom and Net-A-Porter

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