5 Bags That Meet All of Your Summer Needs

As we inch closer to summer, outside activities become the norm: swimming, lying on the beach, backyard barbeques, romantic picnics (don’t we all wish), or playing with the kids in the park. These activities usually require a bit more planning, possibly different attire, and some warm weather must-haves (bottle of water, sunscreen, etc.). So, we have come up with a list of perfect summer bags that will fit all of your outdoor activity items and needs.

Tory Burch, $235

Tory Burch has the quintessential ‘chunky’ straw tote with an added bit of chicness a la the option of beautiful metallic silver or gold. Stock with your favorite magazines, a towel, your sunnies, and head to your favorite lounging spot.

Kate Spade, $238

If you happen to be going on a picnic and are at a complete loss where to find a picnic basket as opposed to those modern backpack looking things then hurry to Kate Spade to pick up their ‘Pack A Picnic Wine Tote.’ The compartments are big enough to hold your favorite bottle of vino and a few sandwiches or snacks.

Nordstrom, $129

Taking the kids to the park? Petunia’s pickle bottom ‘Sashay’ diaper bag might surprisingly become your favorite summer bag. This stylish take on the usually bulky diaper bag has a bold, season appropriate print, a bevy of interior pockets, and a changing pad.

Madewell, $248

Doing a little traveling this summer? Then you need this season’s travelling trend item: the backpack. Madewell has a cool-kid ‘transport rucksack’ made of softly worn leather. It might even bring back fond memories of that time you backpacked across Europe.

J. Crew, $118

Taking a mini vacay with the girls, or perhaps your beau has surprised you with a weekend away. Avoid over-packing (though probably not truly possible) with J. Crew’s simple and adorable do-it-all ‘Rail and Wharf 48-Hour Duffel.’

By Kristianne Young

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