3 Perfect Thanksgiving Looks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, finally marking the beginning of the Holiday season. If your Thanksgiving goes anything like mine it will be filled with cooking, making last minute runs to the grocery store, visiting several different houses, laughing and playing games with family and friends, cleaning and of course being thankful for all of it.

However, there is still one more thing that must be done—choosing the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. You may be asking yourself, “there is such thing as the perfect Thanksgiving outfit?” and the answer is of course, yes. Being that we will potentially be eating way more than we should and running around from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. the perfect outfit needs to be comfortable, versatile, and of course give us a little extra room for that extra slice of pie.

Here are 3 easy to wear, comfortable and most importantly food-friendly outfit choices for your busy Thanksgiving Day.


Skinny jeans, a tunic top, and wedges are the ultimate comfort combo. Skinny jeans have stretch so you’ll be able to get on the floor and play games with the kids and then move to clean up once the party is over. A loose fitted tunic is food-friendly and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be bloated after drinking your favorite lactose laden eggnog. Wedges will give the look a bit more of a dressed up feel without taking away from the comfort.

Tahari by Arthur S.

If you are not the one who will be in the kitchen or running around like a crazy person because you’ve made an art of Thanksgiving preparation and want to be a little dressier then the sweater dress is for you. The sweater material will no doubt make you feel warm and cozy as you mingle with your guests. Pair the dress with an opaque pair of tights and your favorite boots. If you are feeling really festive try a patterned pair of tights instead.

Kate Spade

Maybe you have a whole lot to be thankful for this year because for once you are the guest instead of the host and in turn get to attend a fancy Thanksgiving party. Of course you still fully intend on having your fair share of Holiday grub and need a less than body conscience party dress. This Kate Spade polka dot shift dress was made for such a situation. The pattern is festive and bright, while the simple shape hides just the right parts.

By Kristianne Young

All Looks Can be found at nordstrom.com

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