Worst Dressed 2011 Golden Globes

By now you may have seen plenty of images of celebrities walking the red carpet on Sunday night January 16th at the Golden Globe Awards. Of course there were plenty of highs and sadly too many lows. Every time there is an awards show I can’t help but wonder how in this day and age it is even possible to dress badly with all the resources available to celebs in Tinseltown? From A-listers to starlets, it can’t be all that difficult to find a stylist…at least not any more difficult than finding a makeup artist.

If for no other reason just the fact that your image will be blasted to millions of people should be enough to not want to go this fashion moment alone.

Of course there are always the expected disasters, like the brilliant actress Helena Bohnam Carter. It almost feels as if she has spent too much time living with Tim Burton to know the difference between reality and the characters she plays. HBC even made a comment that she “just wears what she likes” and this particular look she thought was very “Black Swan”… that’s funny, I don’t recall seeing any ballerina’s with different color shoes on in that movie. In case you missed it she was sporting one red shoe and one green shoe…maybe someone should let her know Christmas was last month… hhhmm pity.

I was also taken aback by Leighton Meesters outfit. Though I find that LM misses with her red carpet looks about 50% of the time, this Burberry number fit beautifully but just looked a bit too drab for her… and the shoulder pads, as one style reporter noted reminded her of a glammed up sister-wife of a famous Polygamist.

Michelle Williams despite the darling pixie cut and the pretty makeup looked a little too girlish and bohemian in her Valentino flower power dress. The silhouette did nothing for normally lithe figure and the putty color and daisy motif … I can’t even find the words.

The always drop dead gorgeous Heidi Klum seemed to go off the rails a bit with her print halter dress and the all- too- pale foundation and bright shadow and lips that graced her normally flawless face.

And although individually I could have handled either Scarlett Johansson’s hair or her mother of the bride dress, but the two together just screamed extra- pretty Bride of Frankenstein.

And lastly, I am sure that many will disagree but the former protégé’ of Dennis Hopper, January Jones once again stepped out looking like she was styled more for an editorial spread than a trip down the red carpet. The Versace dress fit her like a glove but it just wasn’t the right pick for the evening… and add to that old Hollywood glam hair and makeup and you definitely get two wrongs that don’t make a right.

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