What’s New At New York Fashion Week?

We have officially stocked up on all of our September Issues and are ready to delve into countless glossy pages filled with our favorite Fall fashions (we estimate at least a couple thousand). But 902 pages (thank you Vogue) of amazing images and invaluable style advice is not the only thing that fall holds for us fashion lovers, in just a little over a week our eyes will be glued to computer screens, tablet screens, and smart phone screens as Spring collections hit the runway at New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks.

However, the fanfare that surrounds the sartorially packed events is already getting started.


Our favorite designer (okay, he’s actually just my favorite designer) has decided to bring back the true meaning of Fashion Week. Oscar de la Renta is axing the people who, well, don’t actually matter, “Why have 20 million people with zero connection to the clothes?”

Oscar de la Renta at New York fashion week

Instead his show’s audience will be made up of 350 industry professionals who have a “legitimate professional purpose.” We totally agree Mr. de la Renta… even though we would give just about anything to be at your show for no real reason at all except that we just adore your designs.


There are rarely any true fashion “firsts,” but Eden Miller designer of plus size line Cabria has managed to accomplish a feat that has long been desired in the fashion industry. Miller will show the first ever plus size line at New York Fashion Week in September.


She tells fashionista.com how it feels to be the first plus size designer to show at this level:

I’m incredibly excited and so stoked about it, but there’s also a lot of pressure. Even though there is a lot of plus high-end stuff out there in the marketplace, they’ve never shown at straight size fashion week. So there’s a certain amount of pressure to show that this is still high fashion, that this is part of the fabric of the fashion world as it is now, in 2013. It’s not an indie showcase, it’s not these indie designers trying to make a scene or some punk kid coming in trying to be an upstart.

By Kristianne Young

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