Shapewear Denim… Finally!

We’ve all been there, that moment when we tell ourselves “Self you are going to get up at 5 o’clock every morning and go to the gym. You have six weeks to lose 15 pounds before her wedding.” Of course you can replace wedding with any number of things like beach vacation, job interview, or in our case fashion event and the number will certainly vary by person. Then six weeks go by, life happened and you feel like you’ve gained 15 pounds not lost it. Thankfully, there are undergarments to deal with our inability to make the impossible possible, garments that don’t contain whale bones or squash our organs like days of long ago–we call it shapewear.


We wear it under dresses, skirts, tight shirts, and sometimes jeans (though that is really not comfortable)… anything to make us look slim, taut, and like we’ve been working out for months (or at least something like that). So, when we heard that SPANX, arguably the most well-known brand in the shapewear game, were going to make shapwear jeans we were beyond excited. However it seems that Levi’s, arguably the most well-known brand in the denim game, beat them to the punch with their Revel body-shaping jeans.


Levi’s doesn’t just have a leg up (no pun intended) on the debut date, but they also created shapewear denim that doesn’t include panels in the design like SPANX is rumored to have (think maternity jeans). WWD explains just how the shapewear works:


Levi’s starts with a four-way stretch fabric comprised of cotton, polyester, Lycra and DuPont’s Sorona fiber. It then prints a proprietary liquid chemical formula on the fabric interior that regulates the level of stretch in strategic areas, providing structure, support and a figure-hugging shape to the jean, rather than simply uniform stretch. “It controls the stretch in those areas, much as compressionwear does. But rather than using visible reinforced panels, we use the application of the liquid-stretch technology,” explained Guenza. “The result is a jean that carves out the inner thigh, slims and smooths the outer thigh, lifts the seat and flattens the tummy.”


The body-shaping denim will come in straight and skinny and from the look of it they are likely to be a hot commodity among women.

By Kristianne Young

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