Sex and The City 2 Premiere and Top Fashion Moments

So today is the big day! Uber fans of Sex and The City have been waiting for what seems like eons to see the fab four New York ladies storm the silver screen. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are sure to take us on a wild romp from NY to the desert of Adu Dhabi. Locally there have been dozens of Sex and The City 2 parties over the last few weeks and tonight is no exception. With events happening everywhere from Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s to Olive & Ivy fans of the movie will surely be dressing to the nines to enjoy the evening’s festivities. I myself am still trying to figure out just what to wear.

Carrie and the girls definitely changed the way we thought about fashion over the six year duration of the HBO show and helped to elevate everyday dressing to new heights. At the time the show started, nowhere in the country other than NYC did you see so many women wearing sky
scrapper heels in everyday life. We had definitely become a culture of casualness.

I mean really what other movie causes the attendees to dress up en mass? I certainly didn’t wear a dress and heels to Iron Man 2. So I wanted to recount some of my favorite fashion moments from the HBO series.

Back in the last nineties that little opening sequence with the tutu made more than just a few of us wish that we had the chops to pull off an outfit like that. And it solidified Carrie at the quirky and lovable girl that we couldn’t get enough of.

And no one ever made a fanny pack look sexier…those abs, that skirt… who else could have pulled off that ensemble?

And while we are on the subject of midriff baring, the fashion “roadkill” runway scene was just too much…that scene put SJP and Carrie right up there will the bodies of Victoria secret…just compact sized.

And how could we forget the larger than life flower when Carrie visits Aidan’s showroom. It has us at hello lover!

I for one was more than over the moon when Carrie gave us permission to drag out those old vintage fur coats…mine had been stashed away in the back of the closet, but SJP made it look chic and darling even before the world caught on to Rachel Zoe who?

And how could we mention any of the looks s without talking Versace…that big tulle couture pouf of a dress that Carrie wore waiting for Alexander in the Paris hotel room. Talk about divine!

If there is one thing we know, even if we are disappointed by the movie we will never say the same about the fashion.

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