Scottsdale Fashion Squares – New Wing (Man) Opens This Week!

Boxers for Arther’s

So it is here, the BIG week, the one I, you, WE have been waiting for. I wonder could there actually be more happening in Scottsdale Fashion Square over the next seven days? Not since the unveiling of our first AZ Nordstrom’s has there been such a swelling of excitement. I for one am delighted that finally there will be a new “man” section of the mall for my own hunky hubby to frequent… heaven knows he can only search out so many “husband” chairs aka the random one-seaters often found in the women’s department near the fitting rooms. Rarely do we shop together but when we do I can count on some amount of verbal dread to happen over the course of a few hours, unless of course there is food involved. You know what they say, a way to a man’s heart…

New Wing of Scottsdale Fashion Square
New Wing of Scottsdale Fashion Square

In any case as mentioned, SFS seems to be solving the problem for me with the advent of some luscious new stores opening on the 15th including; Arthur, Christian Audigier, True Religion and of course the much talked about NY favorite Barneys.

Boxers for Arther's
Boxers from Arther's

If you haven’t heard of the Paris born shop Arthur’s you won’t want to miss the yummy loungewear and those famous cotton boxers that have put them on the map. There’s also a bevy of Bermudas shorts, swimwear, robes and slippers if the mister happens to fancy himself a sort of lounge lizard like Hugh. Known for their colorful patterns and colors, your guys won’t be disappointed… and there’s plenty for the ladies too…hint, hint!

Ed Hardy designer, Christian Audigier
Ed Hardy designer, Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier the designer behind the Ed Hardy label will satisfy tattoo inspired and rhinestone cravings with their new 1,900 square foot space. This stop is definitely not for the wallflower, but those who want to be noticed can stock up on trucker hats, denim, watches, and backpacks to their hearts content.

Sneak Peak inside the True Religion Brand Store
Sneak Peak inside the True Religion Brand Store

If you are a fan of True Religion- the denim giant known for their low- rise boot- cut styles, their new store will surely make you squeal with delight it’s expected to also be chock full of jackets, shirts and accessories for both men and women.

On the does anything get better than this note, more “new store” scoop tomorrow as we must simply chat about, J Crew’s bigger better digs and Banana Republic’s latest concept store that has me checking my bank account as I type.

  1. Is it coincidence that most of the new Scottsdale Fashion Square stores are opening on the 15th…aka payday ; )

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