Resort 2013: Moschino, Cabe, Giambattista Valli

Continuing our coverage of the Resort 2013 collections, it is safe to say that we can now see a few standout trends emerging from our favorite designers—new and old. Bold color is sticking around, but the palette has surely extended itself from “neon” and “acid” to a broad range of bright eye-pleasing colors. Dresses are short, long, and in between, but most importantly they seemed to be bent on truly showcasing the feminine silhouette…curves and all.

Prints are in for the long run and have travelled the journey from 2012’s abrstracts to, well, a more literal take. Take Giambattista Valli’s resort collection for example, fabulous animal prints in unexpected colors like grey and purple and large palm leaves. The designer rightly calls it “Urban Jungle.”

And I surely can’t get over their bold choice of color which comes to us in this exquisite, red, one-shoulder Grecian dress.

The line also favored a bow this year; creating an extra feminine vibe.

A sporty spin on dresses and suits is finding its way to the top of the trend list with new lines. A newer ready-to-wear line that I think is doing it just right is Cabe by Kathy Rego, an industry veteran formally with Urban Outfitters. Her bright color paneling is reminiscent of a sexy race car driverette uniform. On a more ladylike note are brightly hued, colored dresses with great accents like this hem line.

Rego’s suits are the new day-to-night or rather work-to-cocktail wear. These bold color suits are not for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to take the plunge I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

Cabe and Moschino would make a perfect pairing in any women’s wardrobe. A bold green suit, says one and only one thing about a woman “I am fashion.” Okay it also says “I’m fabulous and powerful.”

Sticking with the “literal print” trend, Moschino shows florals in “rad” colors of lime green, hot purple, and for good measure some peach, which I think makes a nice neutral for these types of intense colors.

And when you thought that regular neutrals like beige and black were too dull for resort wear, we get something spectacular like mesh tops and jackets with tailored shorts and pants. They really got the feminine but cool appeal just right.

Are you fan of the new trends like bold colored suits and sport inspired dresses?

By Kristianne Young

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