Project Runway!!!

Left: Leann                                                      Right: Korto

(Project Runway Spoiler Alert)

OMG, I can’t wait, CAN’T WAIT for the season finale of Project Runway! They sent six, that’s right, six contestants to Bryant Park for fashion week to show 10-piece collections, including one wedding gown. (Three of the designers are actual finalists, the other three are decoys). But it is so so so very obvious that Leann is going to win! As she should. The showdown will likely come down between Leann and Korto, as Korto’s collection was definitely beautiful. But Leann’s blows everyone out of the water! She’s totally my fave. And a quick Google search shows other editors raving about her collection as well.

Just for comparison’s sake, I’m posting runway shots from Korto’s collection first, then Leann’s after. What do you think????

Korto’s Collection:

Leann’s Collection:


  1. Leann. It’s fashion in every sense of the word. Korto’s looks are great and should sell well but for the sake of the competition and FASHION – Leann takes it.

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