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Rachel Zoe

Oh goodness dolls, did you catch the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project?…. Yes, yes I too am a Rachel Zoe fan….and a few days late on dishing about it….but the fascination or should I say fashion-nation is magnanimous? Being a stylist myself and child of the 60’s and 70’s how could I not have a glossed up lust for Halston, Calvin Klein over sized sunglasses (yes I have a collection of thrifting sunnies, but sadly they are sans UV protection) and that sort of seemingly carefree, vintage glamour that stars du jour like Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Debbie Harry inspired. Rachel Zoe is the younger (or young looking as in the case of Demi) Hollywood’s version of the genius Pat Fields with an extra, extra savvy noggin for marketing. Under that cascade of expertly extensioned curls and “do not disturb sunnies” Zoe mixes one part hard work and one part ooh la la scandal with a fun quirky personna…how could she go wrong?…I mean really, little girl needs a Big Mac but she is nothing if not passionately skilled, knowledgeable and entertaining as heck! Lover Her!!!


Hey, Rach if I”m ever in tinseltown let’s do lunch…(I eat and you drink Starbucks!) In the wake of the last season (what seems like a zillion years ago) I must confess I have once or twice caught myself pulling photo shoot wardrobe and thinking “What would Rachel do?” Let’s not even mention the delish eye rolling and tantrums of Zoe’s trusty and uber militant assistant Taylor….

Taylor Jacobson and Brad Goreski

Last season she nearly made me squeal with delight, my, my, my where have you been all my steaming and garment pinning life? And do you have a sibling that I can hire? But this season Ms T seems a tad ungrateful thus far …. Perhaps a quarter life crisis? We shall see… On the other hand last season poor Brad was the brunt of Taylor’s outbursts, and now could he be more darling and on his game?

Demi Moore Golden Globes

As I watched tongue wagging at the racks of Chanel’s, Dior’s and Valentino’s being prepped for Cameron, Eva (what a dress, what a necklace!), Debra, Anne and Demi I pictured many a former under qualified styling assistant of mine having a neon light bulb moment then suddenly mapping out their my space/you tube stratagem to the be the next Rachel …..there, there honey let me shake you back to reality before someone gets hurt!

Eva Mendes

Zoe is definitely more than a just a bragging twitter or Facebook page she actually has put in the time and has earned the chops to be where she is…. For me it’s most refreshing to see someone who actually has a stealthy vision and the means to get it done along with a few catchy phrases that have happily stuck in our own vernacular. At first I perished the thought of “I D I E” becoming the next phrase dripping from young and glam fashionista’s from coast to coast…. but since it was one of my fav 80’s phrase re-born, I cannot help but partake and really love isn’t the entertainment value of Ms Zoe & co is worth it?

  1. I love this show so much! I watched the premiere yesterday on Tivo, amazing! It’s so interesting to get a peek into Zoe’s crazy life, in addition to all the fashion.

  2. I just caught my first episode, or re-run I should say, yesterday. It looks like a show I can definetly get into.

  3. Just watched this yesterday, I didn’t think I liked her and I am still rather sick of realty TV but I DO like her, she amazes me every time

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