Met Gala 2009 Red Carpet Best and Worst Dressed

I used to totally eat up celebrity gossip. I mean, it was my multiple-times-a-day guilty pleasure. Save for the latest Britney Spears drama (because in my world it will always matter) I’ve managed to take it down a serious notch. So I wasn’t planning on doing a post on this. Until I saw pictures from this event that is.

“The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion” Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was last night and was a complete flutter of amazing looks and spectacularly awful ensembles. That’s right. Spectacularly awful. See for yourself.


I’ll start in alphabetical order because, well, it’s easier. Anna Wintour went with a long Chanel Couture dress. She looks stiff as ever but I kind of like the dress.


Oh Miss Anne Hathaway. I’m not sure if it’s the dress. Or the hair and makeup. But something here is just totally not working. I actually kind of like the dress, (it’s Marc Jacobs btw) but the hairdo and smoky makeup is just TOO much. She needs to take it down a notch. Looks like you’re trying too hard darling.



You can always count on the Olsen twins to wear something to be talked about. I do like the back of Miss Ashley Olsen’s dress. It’s simple, sophisticated and an open-back is always sexy.


Bar Rafaeli sports a Marchesa, the only short dress of the evening I don’t hate.


Blake Lively picked a super-thigh-high super low-cut Versace dress. I like the color and though I’ve seen it all over the fall runways I really really really just don’t care for one-sleeve dresses. A goddess cut is one thing, but longsleeve on one side and nothing on the other? Ugh, I’m just not feeling it.


Cindy Crawford also went with a Versace number. Looks like it came from Cache. Bleh.


I definitely like Eva Mendes in this Calvin Klein dress. It’s simple, beautiful and the color looks lovely with her complexion.


Gisele Bundchen went with a teenie Versace number. I’m definitely over sequins, so I’ll say this one is just O.K. Though I will admit only someone this leggy can pull it off and I’m way jels.


Heidi Klum wears a super poofy J. Mendel dress. Do you love it or hate it??


Iman looks just lovely in this gold Donna Karan dress. Love it.


To be honest, I’m really surprised this couple is still together. Check out the Louboutins Jessica Biel is sporting, they’re as fab as her flaming red Versace dress. Have to say, I wouldn’t have expected this from her.


Going to a gala? You pretty much can’t go wrong with a Marchesa. Kate Beckinsale clearly knows this.


Kate Moss went with a gold Marc Jacobs dress that I’m definitely not into. A little too space-looking for me. Plus what’s with the head piece?


Leighton Meester. Oh. My. God. It’s so tragic I don’t even know where to begin. I’m not sure in what world you looked in front of a mirror and decided it was a brilliant idea to leave the house wearing this. Seriously. Fire your stylist.


Back to something a bit better, Liv Tyler in Stella McCartney. I don’t love it or hate it. It’s just O.K.


Dear Madonna, what is on your head?????? I mean seriously?


Is it me, or does Mary Kate Olsen look like she’s 90 in this picture? I think it’s the hair. And makeup. I also don’t care for her Christian Lacroix dress. It ages you sweetie. Big time.


Molly Sims. I know, big powerful shoulders are a big trend. Definitely in the fall runways. I still hate it.


I think Rachel Bilson looks quite cute. It’s a bit on the sexy side for a gala, but she’s young and at least has the hair and makeup toned down unlike some of the other 20-something starlets (*cough, Anne Hathaway) above.


Rihanna in Dolce & Gabanna. Wow how I totally hate this. Still not feeling the power shoulders!


Shalom Harlow. That’s, a uh, nice trash bag you got there. Yup.


Victoria Beckham in Louis Vuitton. She always looks great. Though she does pretty much always look the same. I would like to see her in something a bit different. Though clearly for her, she does well with sticking to what works.

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  1. OMG this HAS to be a joke! I can’t believe so many poorly dressed celebs could all be at one event!!

  2. Wow except for Jessica Biel’s dress all of the Versace dresses really suck. I know it’s the Met costume institute gala but still so so tacky.

  3. what the???? ist like fashion nightmare. i can not believe how those bad pictures just kept going on and on. so weird!

  4. I actually loved Heidi Klum’s dress. Love the drama. Anne Hathaway looked way too old with her crazy hair and makeup. And I loved Liv Tyler’s simple navy number. I always think she looks so polished and pretty.

  5. Ok, I have to say it – the Olsen freaks give me the willies. I keep waiting for them to fly around and start drinking everyone’s blood.

  6. OMG….Marlene. Wake up fashion fool. Shalom is killing it in her Mackie/Ricci ensemble. You need to re-visit fashion 101.

    Victoria looks like a gala iceskater yuk….a lizzard in a mini dress

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