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I don’t know what it is about jeans, but there’s something of an emotional attachment to them. There’s the pair you own that are just a tad too tight that you keep in hopes you’ll someday squeeze into again. There’s the pair you wore when you first kissed that one guy and the torn and tattered pair that’s just too comfy to get rid of. I also keep around those “just in case” jeans that aren’t that cute anymore but would be perfect should I ever need to paint or move or do something really dirty.

I know, the likeliness of any of that happening is, well…..pretty much zilch. But some of that denim is expensive and some it’s just hard to emotionally part with. That’s why I’m a fan of Hub Clothing’s new Denim Exchange program. For any pair of jeans you bring in that’s sitting around collecting dust you’ll get $25 off a brand new pair. They must be clean (of course) and gently worn but you don’t have to worry about them being a brand name either. What I most like about this program that makes it much easier to let go of your prized pair of pants is that each pair donated will go to someone in need via St. Vincent De Paul. So instead of sitting around collecting dust bunnies, you’ll know they’re going to a good cause. (You can’t bring 5 pairs of jeans for a $125 off as the max is 1 pair per customer.)

Hub Clothing Boutique at Scottsdale Fashion Square has long been one of my favorite slightly under-the-radar stores. Their selection for both men and women is pretty great and they don’t carry the typical wares many other boutiques in town do. Plus, the denim selection is quite wonderful. If you haven’t been in before I’ll describe is a cross between hipster and middle-of-the-road trendy. If you want something edgy you’ll find it, but you’ll also find classic cuts, dresses and button-downs for men too.

In addition to the Denim Exchange program, every weekend through the summer Hub will be marking down select items for sale. Yay! The rotation will be totally random but wil happen every weekend through June, July and August.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me. Let’s face it, when it’s that hot out there’s not much else to do other than hide out in the nicely air-conditioned mall and try to remember what a nice, cool breeze feels like.

Hub Clothing Boutique

Scottsdale Fashion Square (next to Hollister Co.)


  1. How interesting? I wear my jeans into the ground, so the “slightly” worn jeans I don’t think will apply to me.

  2. i have so many jeans that i do not wear – like 50 pairs.i shoudl really get rid of them. especially those light wash, tapered jeans from the 90s, ew!

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