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Friday Reads

It’s almost noon, and my computer is STILL “repairing” whatever it is that won’t let me open up Outlook, talk about a frustrating welcome back to work! That has given me time, however, to peruse the net plenty and I read this interesting article in the NY Times about a computer program that simulates what your face would look like “perfect” i.e., what the program has generated to be a perfect set of features. I’ve read about a few of these computer programs before, that look to achieve facial symmetry, etc.; this program uses only “slight” adjustments so the person still looks like themselves.

I’ll admit, I’m totally curious what my “perfect” face would be. But does this mean a future of people that go to the plastic surgeon’s office, upload their face into the program and we all come out looking like each other? I know, my Twilight Zone imagination has run away with itself. But still…interesting thought don’t you think?

Also saw this article in the Scientific American (yes, I actually like to read the SA), about a study on the effects of clothes on the mind, specifically, Bangladeshi teens attending London schools and how their assimilation into western wear, or lack thereof, affected their mental health two years later. It’s about time people did a psychological study on how what you wear effects you.

Read the stories, what do you think????


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