Canada’s Spence Diamonds Selects Scottsdale Quarter for U.S. Launch

Spence Diamonds

Canadian diamond jewelry retailer Spence Diamonds has chosen Scottsdale Quarter as one of its first locations to break into the U.S. market in early 2017.

Spence Diamonds
Spence Diamonds

Known for its innovative and educational store experience, Spence invites customers to try on jewelry with transparent prices to better understand diamond grading and pricing in order to make the best purchasing decision.

“Our inventory-on-demand process is innovative and our store experience is experiential, informative and entertaining,” said Jim Schneider, President of Spence Diamonds. “Just like Apple did with personal electronic devices and Tesla is doing with automobiles, we are turning the experience of buying engagement rings and diamond jewelry completely upside down.”

Spence Diamonds
Spence Diamonds

Spence offers both traditionally mined diamonds and its own artisan designed diamonds, which are cosmetically the same as mined diamonds, but are created in a plasma chamber and tend to be larger and cheaper than naturally mined stones.

“We have re-imagined the experience of the diamond business by creating an environment that is open, bright and transparent,” said Schneider. “Watching a diamond being created from a ball of plasma while exploring jewelry in open cases without the traditional barriers is a refreshing concept.”

Customers may choose from over 1,000 different engagement ring and wedding band styles to everyday fashion-forward jewelry in classic and contemporary designs.

Spence has also recently opened stores in Austin and San Jose in Nov. as part of its broader stateside expansion.

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