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Best and Worst Dressed BET Awards

Can someone please explain? You are famous, you sing, dance, act, host or whatever your talent or non-talent happens to be, you have loads of dough, you have a team at your fingertips to help you with your every whim. You have a trainer, a chef, a stylist, a makeup artist, a hair person a personal assistant, manager, agent etc…. So what exactly is your problem? Oh yes… that would be called bad taste, egomania, delusion or something like it.

What do I speak of exactly? On Sunday night yet another awards show took place, the BET Awards and the red carpet was alive with the good, the bad and the lapses of reason.
The show itself I have to say was rather smashing. Hosted by the fab and gorgeous Queen Latifah there were amazing performances by Alicia Keys, Emminem and Ludacris plus a lifetime achievement award to the wild genius Prince (I will overlook the fact that he wore a garment bearing his own face, since my affection for him goes way back to the early 80’s) In any case there were plenty of winners during the evening like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, Rihanna and a host of others for everything from Subway Sportsman (and woman) to movies and acting awards.

Queen Latifah skit from BET Awards

As noted if it’s not the Oscars or the Golden Globes it seems that most other awards shows beat to their own drum as evidenced yesterday in my post about the Daytime Emmy’s, well the BET Awards are no exception. Here are a few of my fav and not so fav looks of the evening.

In the you go girl category- Eva Pigford former ANTM winner looked gorgeous in her cream colored dress, the shoes were a bit loud but overall she looks soft and pretty. Ciara showed off her bod with a Balmain mini dress and killer spikey boots. Vivica Fox looked stunning in her Zuhair Murad lace number and Kim Coles looked elegant and lovely in her black lace dress as well.

I also have to give it up for Ashanti, even though the red shoulder rosettes were a bit large, she still looked sophisticated and chic. Cassie also had an almost done right outfit with a little bra-like top and slouchy pants, the shoes were a bit bright and chunky and the handbag… roadkill, but she has a killer bod and somehow I didn’t loathe it.

In the cry for attention category, Miss Jada Pinkett Smith had become so confused by her family’s fame that I think she is living both vicariously and literally through her little tykes. What was happening with the “onesie” and the hair? I happen to think that JPS is a gorgeous and talented woman a risk taker if you will, but what is this all about? Where did the usually chic- sexy Jada go?

And could someone please get Brittnay Daniel a jacket? I get it, her body is rock hard and I don’t blame her for wanting to show it off, in face I would probably run around in my skivvies if I had her figure…. But this dress? I’m just saying….

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