Barbie Fashion Show @ New York Fashion Week


I am most definitely still, and have always been a huge Barbie fan. I was always the girl with 1o0 million dolls, the mansion, the RV, you name it. So now that Barbie is having her 50th anniversary this year and celebrating that with a fashion show at New York Fashion week, I’m even more excited than ever.

If you didn’t see the show this past Saturday, February 14th, you can check out the video here.

For the rest of you, I’ve culled some of my absolute favorite looks from the show. It was a flurry of hot pink, big hair, cute anklets (ankle socks) and hot pink sandals.

\More than American 50 designers fashioned looks for the show that were inspired by Barbie. The Barbie outfits included designs from the likes of Calvin Klein, Nanette Lepore, Marchesa, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Betsey Johnson and more.

The show was do delicious, I could hardly contain myself. Here, a few of my favorite Barbie looks.


I’ve always been a fan of vintage-inspired swimwear, so this black-and-white polka dot number is right on the money.


This orange dress and dainty gloves are super classic.


The flapper dress, never ever goes out of style. I love the color on this flapper-inspired number, and though I would never wear or recommend wearing that plastic cover on top (some looks are really meant just for the runway) the rest is super super cute.


I was excited to see a denim number thrown into the mix like this one above. Please sign me up for the huge floppy hat, I’ve been wanting one forever!


I heart this dress. Really heart it. I think it’s my inner girly girl that’s always wanted to parade around in big poofy amazing dresses.


It wouldn’t be a Barbie show without an appearance by Ken! Loving the jeans and little leather jacket, definitely a cute look for marching hand in hand down the runway with Ken.


It’s quite possible that only Barbie could pull off a hot pink jumpsuit like this but she definitely does it well!


I would love love love to own this cream-and-pink number.


As well as this hot pink look above.


Not everything on the runway was a flurry of hot pink, here Barbie channels her inner prep girl a la Blair Waldorf.


Yes, it’s hot pink but this coat is totally amazing.


Love how this dress is styled with blue gloves.



Barbie needs some evening wear and these flowy looks are right on the money for her.

  1. Oh Marlene thanks for posting these, I’ve been dying to see the looks from the Barbie show! And wow! Does that guy look EXACTLY like a Ken doll or what? I also think that girl in the flowery magenta mini dress and big pink sunglasses looks like a real live Barbie. As for my favorite look, I’m definitely into the denim and floppy hat! Yay!

  2. Oh my god.. what a great idea! I loved barbies in my elementary years too.. I would be devastated when my brother and his friends would shave their heads off! My sister and I loved the Barbies that came with shower mousse!

  3. Now all of this just makes me so happy. I love love love it all! I was going through all my old Barbie’s last summer (yes I still have them I am saving them for when I have a daughter, of course I’ll probably be the one to have a complete tomboy), and I was so excited when I found my old Barbie grocery store and McDonalds–although the way these Barbies look I don’t think they’re spending too much time at fast food places!

  4. These looks are fabulous! I have always wanted to wear my Barbie clothes ever since i was a little girl!! Hey even some of the models look just like Barbie, plastic and too skinny!!

  5. Vintage Inspired Barbie Swimsuit

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  6. This show was one of my favorites growing up, and unlike some cartoons, it still remains fresh as I watch it today! This show strikes a wonderful balance between a kid friendly comedy and a dark but hopeful drama. There are times where the show will make you laugh with how silly it is, and make you want to cry with how emotional and tragic the storyline can get.

    The entire series is on a four disk set, and what I’ve seen so far has been great. The casing is covered in fan art which is fun. It shows that the true fans have been waiting a long time for this release. There aren’t a lot of extras, but what I’ve seen so far are good. I enjoyed the interview with Jaleel White, the voice of Sonic; it was interesting to hear things from his perspective.

    I’m so happy that I can own the whole thing, and if you’re a fan of this show, or a fan of sonic, this is a good DVD set for you!

  7. The fashion week 2010 in New York was just amazing. I really enjoyed all the shows. I allready booked my trip to the fashion week 2011 it will be great again I am hopping.

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