5 Tips for dressing slimmer

Just over a month ago I attended my high school reunion. Though I won’t get into exactly which decade we were celebrating, it was a blast seeing many familiar faces from back in the day.

Reunions are generally a big deal for most people and just the idea that you are going to be face to face with your high school buds almost always sends one into “fix it” mode. I too started thinking… Wow I should probably lose a few pounds, grow out my hair, get a really great outfit…. But when it came right down to it, the procrastinator in me just never got around to it. But I do at least know a little something about how to dress 10 pounds thinner…

In the 90’s I had this great pair of “magic pants” that always made me look thinner, today they have been replaced with J.Crews Cafe Capri pants a slightly cropped, slim leg, super flattering version that comes in a slew of colors. They look great on just about everyone. But make sure that you get the proper fit because proportion is the key to looking longer and leaner.

I like to pair them with a loose cami or halter that flows over the waist and hides a thick mid section. For fall top it with a fitted blazer or cropped biker jacket and a pair of heels. Playing with proportions is one of the main rules to follow when dressing “thinner”.

Slimming tricks to dress by-

Play with proportion- As mentioned above, wearing a mix or full and slim shapes like a fitted top with an A-line skirt or a flowy top with skinny jeans creates balance and are flattering to the figure.

Emphasize your waist! You can do this by belting a jacket, or dress. Or choose dresses and skirts that have fitted waistlines.

Wear heels! Even a small heel or slim wedge will add height and give a slimmer illusion. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger is better. A petite girl tip – don’t exceed a 3.5 inch heel because it pitches the body forward and throws off your alignment, which ultimately isn’t flattering

Show off your best asset -if you have toned legs but don’t feel quite as confident about your midsection choose a skirt that will draw attention to your legs and hide your midsection like a peplum version. A a mini skirt with a tunic.

Wear the right lingerie- so many women are guilty of wearing the wrong size bra when with a proper bra fitting they could instantly look more shapely and slimmer. And don’t be afraid to try a body slimmer to give a more sleek look under dresses… Even if you are slender a smooth dress always looks better than one with lumpy bulges. And don’t forget about VPL visible panty lines try a cotton thong, thong brief hybrid or laser cut under garments that don’t have binding elastic.

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