5 New Year’s Style Resolutions

Resolve to dry clean your clothes, try a new trend and carefully curate your closet in 2014.


1. Purge Your Closet
While the spirit of the New Year is fresh, dedicate some time to go through your closet and really purge that bedazzled dress you keep forgetting about and probably won’t wear, ever. Divide your closet into necessary basics, classics, in-season styles and be rid of out-of-season trends.

2. Invest in Wardrobe Staples That Last
When you go shopping, set out to invest in your wardrobe with pieces that will last and complement each other. Think staples like a classic sailor-striped shirt, coveted Chanel(-like) quilted bag or the perfect pair of jeans or black pants.

3. Wear More Color
Challenge yourself to adding more color into your wardrobe this year. Slowly introduce some major eye-popping colors like red and cobalt blue, which were huge on the spring 2014 runways.

4. Find More (New) Style Muses
Find a new celeb or street style star to glean your own personal style inspiration from. Whether you see celeb wearing a button-down under a dress or a street style star donning white during winter, choose a style inspiration that you mutually identify with, yet challenges your personal style. Be inspired through street style pictures or celebrity photos.

5. Take Better Care of Things
Pledge to take care all of the lovely things in your closet. From clothes that should be dry cleaned to leather accessories that need extra care, things will look as good as new again with a little TLC. Your closet will thank you in the long run.

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