6 Most Glamorous Starlets

We are barely into our third month of the year and already I am finding lists for the most glamorous celebrities of the year. At first I was a tad perplexed but I suppose when you have already made it through all the major awards of the year…. Golden Globes, Oscars etc, it shouldn’t come as any grand surprise.
And though I applaud the original list of seventy-one, I whittled it down to a few standouts who really made an heads turn.
Every year there are a few people who emerge as breakout style stars on the red carpet and this year is no exception. There were several up and comers who didn’t miss a beat, nor did their stylists!

Funny It girl Emma Stone shocked and delighted viewers at the Golden Globes this year in a gorgeous salmon pink Calvin Klein gown, a platinum updo and beautiful bronzed makeup. Who knew this comedic cutie could be so glam

Mila Kunis the Black Swan star was completely on point from her makeup and hair to her gowns and her jewels at every awards show this year from the Globes to the Sag Awards and the Oscars. In fact she practically stole the spotlight many a time from veteran A-listers.

Unlike other pop princesses Taylor Swift has raised the bar from outlandish and often costume like garb to chic and sophisticated head to toe looks that are always thoughtful and age appropriate. Somehow Swift makes choosing sexy but never overtly reveling dresses and gowns look effortless. And the makeup and hair choices…impeccable!

I hate to admit it, but I must say Kim Kardashian America’s favorite reality star has managed to amp up her wow factor time and again. With a tanned and toned curvaceous figure and flawless face, it’s almost impossible from the orange satin halter gown to JLo like white Grecian column for this beauty to go wrong.

Anna Wintour’s buddy Blake Lively has been the golden girl on every “best dressed” list possible for the last few years and it doesn’t seem like she is slacking off any time soon. Miss Lively continues to wear the latest and greatest with ease and looks right at home whether in a sequin jacket and shorts or a fully beaded gown.

And of course we couldn’t leave out Anne Hathaway. Yes of course Rachel Zoe is her right hand when it comes to styling but even so she has the grace and quiet confidence it takes to pull off just about any look… hello eight different get ups in one night at The Oscars!

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