Victoria Secret Backstage Beauty

Have you ever watched a Victoria Secret runway show and wondered how on Earth these women can possibly be such genetic freaks? In a good way of course…. I mean how is it possible that anyone can look that amazing, that thin, that smooth, that glowing?

Even if you missed the show that took place last Wednesday, CBS will be airing the show on November 30th in all it’s bronzed and toned glory. I have to admit that every year as these flawless beauties prance down the runway adorned with all sorts of lace, leather, feathers, glitter and wings I find myself making all sorts of deals with myself. I will go to the gym tomorrow, and I won’t eat ice cream more than once a week…. I am definitely going to get a facial and maybe I need a new body scrub and on and on…

So Allure Magazine asked the questions that we all want to ask of the Victoria Secret superstar models- What do you do to prepare for the show? And here’s what they found out!

“I love working out, so my favorite way to prep before show-time is boxing and jumping rope.” —Adriana Lima

“Leading up to the show, I use face masks and hair
treatments so I feel extra-conditioned and soothed. My favorites are Ginseng’s Therapy Moisture Facial Mask and Moroccanoil’s Restorative Hair Mask.” —Erin Heatherton

“A few days prior to show day, I buff my body with a scrub and slather on oil.” —Candice Swanepoel

“Layers of self-tanner, extra-bronzer, and shimmer on the day of show are key.” —Alessandra Ambrosio

“We have so many shoots leading up to show day. I rely on dry shampoo to remove product build-up and absorb excess oil.” —Chanel Iman

“My top pre-show treatments are getting in a few extra workouts, drinking plenty of water and getting extra-sleep!” —Lily Aldridge

Of course we know that it takes more than self tanner and a little extra conditioner to make anyone look as killer as these girls do, but we do know that these products were some of the items that were used to create the bronzed and beautiful looks on the runway. Word has it that there were 17 makeup artists and 19 hairstylist backstage to make the girls runway ready and knock our socks off gorgeous.

The Victoria Secret Soft Focus foundation was used to create a flawless canvas.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show Backstage Makeup Kit has all the colors you need to recreate the look. The artists used the bronze tones shades on eyes with a white pencil on the inner rims and a bit of blue underneath to make the eyes pop.

And lastly to make those curls stay Victoria Secret Brilliant So Sexy Style Spray.

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