Two Movie Inspired Halloween Makeup Tutorials

It’s that time of year again when I start asking myself should I or shouldn’t I? Most people would think that it’s a no brainer question….of course as a makeup artist I would naturally want to dress up for Halloween. The truth is that because I am a makeup artist I have ridiculously high standards for my own costume. And somehow almost every year I am less than satisfied with the results. I did however love the year that my husband and I did our best fight club looks complete with cuts, black eyes, stitches and bruises….too bad very few people made the connection.

This year there are two costumes that might take a bit of mirror time but are sure to get plenty of attention; looks from Black Swan and Burlesque.

I loved the movie Black Swan and Natalie Portman’s ” Nina” once transformed into the dark swan is so mesmerizing that if I were brave enough to step into a curve hugging tutu it would be my costume of choice.

Refinery 29 did an amazing tutorial to help you recreate the look with the help of MAC makeup artist Victor Cembellin.

One you’ve applied foundation, concealer, powder and a neutral brown shadow on the lids, use a angled eyeliner brush and cream or gel eyeliner like MAC fluidline or Bobbi Brown gel liner to draw a symmetrical line over the eyebrows and down the sides of the center of the nose.

From there draw two more symmetrical lines back up to the inner corners of the eyes.

Extend the lines of the mask out in a thicker line on each side top and bottom.

Fill in under the eyes with a red or magenta shade of shadow or liner.

Use an iridescent blue or peacock color to shade in the interior of the mask. Ben Nye Makes some amazing bright blues that are perfect for theatrical makeup looks.

Paint squiggly lines to mimic veins in the same black liner all over the lid, blend lines to the edge of the mask.

Finally sweep on rosy blush and deep burgundy lip color, then finish with a shimmery silver powder to add dimension and a pale effect to the face.

On the other end of the spectrum the movie Burlesque provided plenty of sexy, smoldering looks that are the perfect way to show off your inner cabaret girl. Though the pearl dress that Christina Aguilera wears might be a tad difficult to duplicate her on-stage makeup throughout the movie was absolutely divine.

Try sporting a black corset, boy shorts, fishnets and finger waves in your hair or a bowler hat. For makeup Christina’s eyes were laden with sparkle.

After applying foundation, concealer, powder, sweep an ivory colored shadow over the entire lid. Then add a medium gray in the crease and blend well. Use black liquid liner (again MAC fluidline works well) to draw a thick winged line that extends slightly past the edge of the eye, follow on the lower lash line with the same liner or use the gray shadow for a softer look. Next apply a greasepaint makeup in a pale pink to the lid (Ben Nye Colors works great for this too) apply silver or pink glitter from the lash line to the crease. MakeupForEver Glitters are spot on for this. Apply thick black false lashes and two full coats of mascara on the top and bottom.

Finish the look with burgundy lipstick and shimmery pink gloss, then add a shimmery pink blush. For step by step instructions from Christina’s makeup artists Christopher Buckle take a peek at this tutorial from Bella Sugar

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