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After an eighteen hour trek to and from Los Angeles yesterday for a celebrity photo shoot, I woke this morning looking a bit worn. Believe me working at a fast pace is always fun and gets the adrenaline going…. but the hectic whirlwind commonly shows up later on my tired face. So I figured it was a perfect time for me to try Armani Skin Care. Truth be told I jumped on the Armani makeup bandwagon early and got many of my makeup artist friends hooked before it was even selling in AZ…which they loved and hated…. So now, it’s time to get hooked on the skin care.

The interesting thing about the line is that Armani did clinical tests with small groups of women 40-50 for each product and shares the results right on their site. These days of course there is so much saturation in the skin care biz and every product touts remarkable improvements in skin tone and firmness etc etc so it’s impossible to know what to believe.

The line is inspired by advanced research by Dr Peter Lorenz at the Stanford School of Medicine to target three areas of concern Firmness (sagging) Hydration and Ageing skin and boasts two different lines meant to help correct all three areas and then some…

The Regenessence Line is packed full of Linseed Extract, vitamins and cellular regenerators and includes three cleansers – a balm, milky and foamy cleanser to remove impurities and leave skin fresh, each one is formulated for skin specific cleansing, next The Pre-Regenerative & Re-Texturizing lotion is a soothing toner that contains hyaluronic acid for an intense hydrating effect. Formulated with rose flower and peony root – extracts known for their calming properties – to soothe even the most sensitive skin.

The Youth Regenerator is one of the cornerstones of the line to help turn back the clock. A powerful concentrate with the [3.R] technology in extra doses for accelerated regeneration: Linseed Extract regulates extra-cellular communication, Vitamin CP for collagen regeneration, ProXylan remodels skin matrix. 24 hour hydration Followed by The Multi Corrective Rejuvenating Cream and Eye Cream Both help on the skin surface to reduce wrinkles, firm skin, correct tone and texture irregularities, and provide 8 hours of hydration.

Alternatively Armani created a second premiere line Crema Nera which follows the same basic idea as the Regenessence line with multiple cleansers, youth serums, intense creams and lotions but the crema nera line is a unique cell regenerating system inspired by the Italian island of Pantelleria. Containing a unique formulation of obsidian, a natural mineral compound extracted from the petrified lava on Pantelleria, crema nera takes these rejuvenating secrets found the the earth to transform skin.

This exceptionally luxe formula is scientifically proven to actively restore and revitalize skin’s natural radiance and regenerate surface cells. Clinical testers found a reduction in lines, firmness, sagging and discoloration from 71-90-% depending on the products used.

You can find Armani skin care giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com

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