Supermodels without Makeup

As a makeup artist everyone just assumes that you love to wear lots and lots of makeup. After doing this for a million years one thing still reigns true…the busier the makeup artist the less makeup she wears, I mean really do you think I have time to touch up my face when I am back stage busting out five or six faces in a ninety minute time span? In fact the tell tale sign of a new makeup artist is that they are constantly fixing their makeup and never leave the house without their “mask” if you will. I confess that over the last few years being in the public eye and having a store front, I have not often followed my own “less is more advice” but rather when I wake up looking a fright I reach for more than just my eye cream and exfoliator. In my twenties and thirties I shunned regular foundation and mostly wore powder or tinted moisturizer only, but now to get that same glow it takes a village…of products that is. This morning in my search for some of the latest and greatest products I once again came across pictures that recently appeared in Harpers Bazaar of Supermodels without makeup. These were the girls of the 80’s and 90’s the ones that became household names. And just to prove that these girls are just as much genetic anomalies as they are smart they each gave their little tips on aging naturally and gracefully….

Kristen McMenamy swears by hot yoga to relieve stress, keep her fit and to keep her complexion healthy and clear. She also uses Nuxe Paris facial moisturizer to keep her skin supple and hydrated.

Amber Valetta- This 35 year old mom keeps her skin looking fresh with products by Epicuren and never goes a day without sunscreen

Claudia Schiffer sticks to a dairy free diet and cuts out sugar whenever possible. She claims that there was an instant difference in breakouts and skin smoothness. Having had my own experiences with a dairy, yeast and sugar free diet I can attest to the old cliché’ you are what you eat and Ms Schiffer sure is proof that eating healthy has it’s advantages.

Helena Christensen turned her in front of the camera experience to a behind the lens career and now at the age of 40 her skin looks as flawless as it did when she caused a stir in the Chris Isaac Wicked Game music video. She sees Christine Chin in NYC for microdermabrasion and green tea facials and at home used Nude Miracle Mask to keep her skin tight and glowing.

Tatjana Patitz became a household name after lip -synching in George Michael’s Freedom video. I can personally attest to the flawlessness of Patitz skin back in the day as she often frequented a café right around the corner from my NY apartment and I found myself sitting just seats from her on several occasions. Today she shuns injectables and prefers to use microcurrent facials to help stimulate muscles and firm and tone the skin. You can find at home versions like the Galvanic Spa at

  1. Nu Skin has made some important scientific strides on resetting our genes back to a more youthful level, I can see why countless models, celebrities and everyday moms have fallen in love with the products.

    All the best,
    Bill Muth

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