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Summer Beauty Dilemmas Solved

If you are anything like me, after a couple of days outside in this sweltering mess and your beauty routine might need some tweaking. Some things are easily remedied but others take a little more experimenting to get it right. And when the mercury stays in an extreme hold I find my body sometimes feels less acclimated rather than more. So if you are wrestling with some nagging summer beauty issues, here are a few tips to keeping your cool.

For most women spending any amount of time outside means melt-o-rama for your foundation. If you haven’t already tried it, switching to a tinted moisturizer is the way to go. The formula is a tad more sheer than regular base makeup but never fear if you need coverage, the trick is to spot conceal with a creamy concealer afterwards and blend to smooth. Budget conscious babes can try mixing a bit of their daily moisturizer with foundation to create a thinner formula.

When temps are high and the humidity starts up (don’t kid yourself monsoons are awaiting) oily skin can become even more oily, so combat summer greasies and breakouts by applying a purifying mask at least once a week. I am digging the seaweed clay version from The Body Shop for a quick and thorough clean.

If the oil slick look haunts you during the day, break out the blotting tissues and skip the powder. Those little tissues absorb oil without adding anything else to the skin, whereas powder upon sweat, oil and makeup equal a disaster waiting to happen in the form of clogged pores and blemishes.

I don’t know about you but being in the heat for any extended period of time makes the perspiration come in places where one should not perspire. To tame the source of embarrassing sweat stains try using a spray deodorant sparingly between the thighs and for some- between the cleavage. For underarms that are out of control try applying deodorant the night before then after you’re a.m. shower simply touch up once more. Applying at night isn’t something I would recommend on a regular basis because the excessive aluminum isn’t good for the body but for the worst summer months doing so when you will be outside for extended periods of time gives the body a bit more defensive against wetness.

And if you suffer from red bumpy skin on the back of the arms and legs, you are not alone. The condition is called keratosis pilaris and often worsens in warm weather. The mistake most people make is thinking they can slough away the bumps with a loofah and washcloth, not so, use washes and lotions with alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy to help lessen the bumps or visit a professional for a uber strength body facial and peel which helps dramatically reduce the signs… and always wear sunscreen!

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