Strange Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

The Academy Awards are just days away and again this year I will be sharing my best and worst picks on one of my favorite morning shows Sonoran Living.   I must confess as much as I love doing live TV I still never quite get 100% comfortable with primping to be on camera. I know, I’m a makeup artist and I know all the tricks… but sadly I never spend the time on myself that I do on my clients.  

And of course after eating super clean foods for three weeks, I just couldn’t resist that darn box of thin mint cookies….so perhaps a little extra attention must be paid this time around before I step into the limelight. Refinery 29 just featured a few of the more interesting red carpet beauty tricks used by many an A- Lister during Oscar time.  Bizarre as they are I’m more than curious to try a few like the Joanna Schlip  Jell-O trick that I have heard her speak of many times.

Tuck & Suck Away Face Flab
Jillian Michaels booked solid this past month? How else can celebs get rid of chin pudge in a jiffy? The quickest fix involves rubbing caffeine-rich cellulite cream along the entire jawline. The caffeine acts as a diuretic and sucks the water right out of the puffy zone. While the effect will only be noticeable for three or four hours, it’s certainly long enough to parade around the red carpet looking slimmer. Just be sure to keep this stuff strictly on your jawline — there’s no telling what kind of havoc it will wreak if it touches your eyes. 

A Long-Lasting Lip Color That Won’t Air Kiss Off
Ever notice how kids mixing Jell-O get red all over their hands – and the evidence lingers for days? With this concept in mind, makeup artist Joanna Schlip hit upon a genius way to make a red lip last all night. “Lick your lips and then smooth on Cherry Jell-O. Simply dip fingers into the powder packet and apply to moist lips for a long-lasting stain,” she explains. Layer a moisture-rich red lippie on top for a bold pout that has more staying power than a Kardashian. 

 Don’t Ever Let Them See You (Face) Sweat
Doing back-to-back interviews on the red carpet can cause even the most seasoned star’s brow to dampen, but celebs are staying sweat-free and keeping makeup in place by applying clear, unscented deodorant to their face prior to makeup application to control sweating. Hey, we told you these were going to get weird.

The ingredients in antiperspirants that keep your underarms dry have the same effect when applied to the parts of the face that have the most sweat glands – the upper lip and hairline. Makeup artists recommend applying with a foundation brush in thin layers. Keep in mind that these products were not developed for use on facial skin, so they may cause reactions. Test it on a small patch of your skin first before you start swiping it all over your visage. 

There Are No Spots In The Spotlight
Want to know why celebrities never look cakey on the red carpet? Instead of piling on the concealer, they reduce acne inflammations at the source with nasal spray and Visine. Dr. Kathy Fields, dermatologist and one of the creators of Proactiv explains, “Visine and nasal sprays are vasoconstrictors, so they work like a topical steroid.” Vasoconstrictors also shrink blood vessels, so using products of this type not only helps with red pimples, but also for puffiness and undereye circles. 

Get Steamy To Set Your Makeup It might sound counterintuitive, but celebrities swear by applying all of their makeup – then taking a 10-minute bubble bath. The steam from the hot water sets makeup, and the moisture will make skin look plump, fresh, and dewy. It takes away the powdery look of powders, giving skin a camera-ready glow. 

Polish Away Your Pores Pepto-Bismol goes a long way to quell the queasiness of a big, anxiety-provoking event, but it actually can work double-duty for your skin. Just a little smoothed on as a mask has been shown to help tighten skin and shrink pores. The active ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate, is an antibacterial with exfoliant properties very similar to salicylic acid, however, it may be very drying for mature skin, explains Dr. Zein Obagi, creator of ZO Skin Health. “Similar to using toothpaste as a drying agent, it may work occasionally to help dry up a blemish or tighten pores, but is not a substitute for a daily acne regimen that includes salicylic acid,” he adds. 


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