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See How This Beauty Vlogger Only Uses Art Supplies for Makeup

Beauty YouTube vlogger MissTiffanyMa created her own beauty challenge: Do a full face of makeup using only art supplies. Tiffany admitted to making a Michael’s haul for the challenge, stocking up on bulk cases of crayons, chalk and face paint kits.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.04.11 PM

Tiffany first attempts to mix the perfect shade of foundation from costume face paint kits with a blend of primary colors to mimic the skin’s undertones. Though her resulting color is far from her natural skin tone, Tiffany made due blending the color with the kit’s sponge and even contouring her face with some black paint for contrast. Using chalk to set her foundation, she then used a glitter pack and glue stick for “highlighter.” Eye makeup is applied with melted pencils, while markers (yes, markers!) are used as lipstick.

The final look is definitely costume-y, but Tiffany accomplished the challenge with flying colors (pun intended). See the crafty fun for yourself in the video below –

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